DIY Light Up Marquee Sign

Hey Friends!  Happy Hump Day!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! The last time I dropped in, I shared all the details from Parker’s Batman vs. Superman Birthday Party.  One of my favorite parts of this party, was the DIY Light Up Marquee Sign  that I made. I promised you a tutorial, so I’m back today to show you how I made it! 🙂

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign

Here’s what you’ll need:



Ink Pen

Black Foam Board

Red Poster Board

Carpet Knife

Wood Skewer

Christmas Lights (50 count)



First, I Googled “Batman vs. Superman logo black & white” on my iPad and found this image.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Then I placed a small sheet of paper over the iPad & traced the image.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Then I placed the image under my mom’s projector to project it onto the wall & enlarge it. I used this same projector for the DIY Rope Name Art I made for his Western Themed Birthday a couple years back. In order for the projector to work best, you have to be in a dark room with no windows. Since I was working on this while working at my shop, the only room I could do this in was the bathroom! That’s also the reason we are using a paper shopping bag! Lol!

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


So we turned off the bathroom lights, projected the image onto the paper & I traced it out. I don’t have any pictures of this part since we were working in the dark, but this is what we ended up with!

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Once I had traced the image out, then I cut it out and placed it on top of a piece of black foam board. Then I traced the outer edge of the logo out onto the foam board.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Using a carpet knife, I cut the image out.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Once I was done with the batman portion of the logo, I cut out the superman logo & placed it onto a piece of red poster board. I again, traced the image onto the poster board and cut it out.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Then using a glue stick, I attached the superman logo to the batman logo.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


I used a wooden skewer to poke holes in the outer edges of the foam board in order to get ready to insert the Christmas lights. I used the Christmas lights as my guide when figuring out the spacing between the holes.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


Then I started inserting the lights through the holes. I didn’t have to used anything to secure the lights inside the holes. They fit nice & snug and didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign

I would recommend using a 50 count light set. I was using some old Christmas lights that we had leftover from Christmas decorating at the store. I ended up having to duct tape the extra lights to the back of the marquee when all was said and done.


Here’s a look at the finished product!

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


When it was party time, I just did a wall of red streamers behind the cake table and hung the marquee using a cup hook and a curtain ring I had laying around the house. The streamers did the trick when trying to hide the extension cord which powered the marquee.

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign


It was the perfect addition to the cake table decorations! 🙂

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! You could use the black foam board & Christmas lights to make all kinds of different marquees. Whether it’s a monogram or any other kind of logo! My sister is currently planning my niece’s first birthday party which is going to have a Minnie Mouse theme. We talked about how cute it would be to do a Minnie Mouse head with the lights as well! The possibilities are seriously endless!!

DIY Light Up Marquee Sign Collage

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!! I appreciate being able to share my creativeness here on the blog and even more so, appreciate you coming by to check out my latest creations!

Have a great week friends!!

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