How To Paint Mason Jars

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Hey Friends!!

How the heck are ya?! It feels like it’s been forever since we talked!  I’m gonna attempt to get back to a normal posting schedule this week…..BUT, I’m not making any promises! 🙂

If you’ve been following along on Facebook and/or linking up at our weekly linky party, you know that things have been a little CRAZY around here!  I am, however, back to working my normal shifts at work & we are slowly putting our house back together after a small remodeling project that took place last week in our kitchen/living room area. I am SO THRILLED with how it all turned out!  I hope to be sharing the before & after pictures with you soon! Stay tuned for that!!

Since I’ve been rather absent, I’d like to rewind a few weeks if we can?!  Do you remember the bridal shower that we had for my little sister at the beginning of March?  We decided to go with some cute & simple, painted mason jars for the table centerpieces. I had SO MANY questions regarding how we painted the jars, that I thought I would share a little tutorial with you today.  Sound okay?!

How To Paint Mason Jars 1.jpg

We started out with just some plain jane, quart size mason jars.

how to paint mason jars 2.jpg

And gave them a coat of chalkboard paint using a foam paint brush.

how to paint mason jars 3.jpgThe chalkboard paint kinda serves as your primer, but it also helps to give the jars a chalky finish.  The recommended drying time on this particular chalkboard paint, was one hour.  This is probably a good general rule to follow, but you could always refer to your bottle/jar to see if recommendations differ.  Once the chalkboard paint is dry, then you are ready to paint!

We were going with a pink & mint color scheme for my sister’s bridal shower, so we chose our paint colors accordingly…

how to paint mason jars 4.jpg

As you can see, we chose a two different shades of pink for the jars.  The one in the middle was supposed to be a few shades darker than the one on the right, but when all was said & done, there really wasn’t much difference between the two.

Using your foam brush, you’ll want to brush on a thin coat of paint to the jars.

how to paint mason jars 5.jpg

Again, you’ll want to read your paint bottles & follow recommended drying times between coats. Continue painting until the jars are thorougly covered & the chalkboard paint is no longer visible.

The different brands & colors of paint will differ a little bit in terms of coverage.  For this particular project, the mint jars took two coats of paint whereas the pink jars took three.

how to paint mason jars 6.jpg


Once the jars are completely dry, you’ll want to grab some sandpaper & just lightly sand across the surface of the words on the jar.  This helps to bring a little more attention to the words on the jar, by giving them some dimension & creating some contrast.  It also just makes them super cute! 🙂

how to paint mason jars 7.jpg

It’s also a good idea to spray the jars with a clear coat matte sealer when you are finished with the sanding. This will give the jars a protective coat & prevent the paint from chipping!

For my sister’s shower, we were trying to stick to a budget, so we just filled the jars with some inexpensive, artificial flowers from the dollar store. They would, however, be really pretty with fresh flowers as well!

how to paint mason jars 8

These jars are SO EASY to paint & they make for some really cute & inexpensive table decor.

If you have a baby or bridal shower to throw in the near future, I would totally recommend these!  They would even make a perfect centerpiece for your upcoming Easter brunch and/or dinner!

Have you ever paint mason jars before?! 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!!


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve wondered how this cute look is achieved. Great idea for my daughter’s confirmation. 🙂

    • You’re welcome!! Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

      • So chalkboard paint was white, when you put a coat on the jar and when it dried what color was it. What paint did u use to paint over the chalkboard paint to get mint color?

        • The chalkboard paint was black. I waited for it to dry completely and then painted over it with a mint colored craft paint.

  2. These are awesome! Thanks so much for the tutorial!and I have all the “stuff” to do it! Beautiful! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks again!

    • Thanks Lori!! I forgot to add this in the post, but it would also be a good idea to spray the jars with a clear coat matte spray when you are finished to prevent the paint from chipping!! Gotta go back & add that!! Happy crafting! 🙂

  3. What a cute project, Tonya. Love it!

  4. These are SO fun! Loving the mint for my Easter setup.

  5. I had no idea you used chalkboard paint underneath to get that finish. I love these and I am pinning this for later 🙂

  6. I am going to try this, they are so cute. Tonya, is that a bag of potatoe chips I see in the back ground. Ha Ha, I always have a little snack handy when I am doing my projects also. You are to cute.

    • Hahaha!! You know it! I love me some potato chips & yes, snacks are essential when crafting! 🙂

  7. Tx for great tutorial — I cannot wait to try this — thinking of adding glitter on bottom? Maybe just brush on glue with foam brush and dip in the glitter? I love mason jars!

  8. LOVE these!! Nicely done 😉 Thanks for sharing … Pinned!

  9. This is so beautiful- I’ve done a few “experiment” jars for my wedding with just paint and they turned out too “textured” for my fiance so we got spray paint matched to our color scheme and are going to try that within the next few weeks hopefully- I’m excited to see how they turn out. Check out my blog in a few weeks for a tutorial- I hope mine turn out as gorgeous as yours. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this! I had seen the painted jars and thought they were absolutely adorable but had no idea how to go about doing it myself. You’re a gem!

  11. I followed the recommended drying time after one coat of chalkboard paint… I went to apply my first coat of acrylic and it wiped/peeled the chalkboard paint right off… Any suggestions???

  12. The jars look lovely and great tips too. I just toured your home tour post and thought I would stop to say that your home is lovely. I really like all the white and neutrals with pops of blue (my favourite colours.) Your laundry room is adorable and must be a great space for an everyday chore. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi there, did you do anything to hide the chalkboard paint that is visible on the inside of the jar or leave as is?

  14. When painting the jars, do you want TOTAL coverage or some streaks in the paint that shows the undercoat?

    • I would go for total coverage. The only areas where you want the chalkboard paint to show through are the areas that you distress with the sandpaper.

  15. i used same paints as you did in mason jars. The second coat peels the first coat!! I waited 24 hrs. Between painting! Help !!

    • I had the same problem. Did you let the chalk paint cure for over 24 hours before trying the paint? Despite that, I had some jars take the first acrylic paint coat fine, and others just peel right off. I am now using regular black acrylic paint instead of the chalkboard black paint. You might try washing the jars with a vinegar and water solution first to help that chalk paint adhere better? Hope you see this. I just found this post!

  16. I had a problem of paint coming off also when you added a coat over chalk paint. Used the same paints you did! Let chalk paint dry 24 hours! Help!!!

    • HI Ann!
      I’m sorry you are having problems. My mom & I have made these jars several times & even sell them in our brick & mortar store. We’ve never run into this issue. If you follow the recommended drying time, it should work. Make sure you are only putting a thin coat of the chalkboard paint on. You could also try using a chalkboard spray paint for your base coat. Hope this helps!

  17. How did you turn them from picture 5 to picture 6. Is it just the drying that helped and made them look smooth? The ones on picture 5 shows the brush mark. But in picture 6 they look very smooth and no brush mark. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nayeem!
      The difference between picture 5 & picture 6 is about 2 more coats of paint! Once you have full coverage, you should lose the brush marks. Just be sure to use a foam brush while painting!

  18. Did you do anything to the inside of the jars? Or just leave them black?

  19. Nicole Churchill says:

    I did this and followed recommended wait times and all of the chalkboard paint peels off when I brush the color on. Not sure how to fix this???

  20. Terri Lynne says:

    •:*¨¨*:• Beautiful ! Thank you •:*¨¨*:•

  21. Is it better to use the foam brush or is it ok to use a soft bristle brush

    • Hi Sandy!
      I would go with a foam brush. I think you will have a lot of brush marks using a bristle brush.

  22. I’m so trying this tomorrow as a weekend project!! I love your colors.

  23. I love them. They look great! I just bought some jars the other day and I am going to paint them using Chalk Paint. It my test to see how well it works. 🙂 I just found your blog and am loving it!!!

  24. Theresa Davies says:

    Can you make the jars bright colors?

  25. Theresa Davies says:

    Love this idea! Would this look good with bright colors?

  26. Elizabeth See says:

    I see the comments about people having problems with the chalk paint coming off when painting on the 2nd coat. This happened to me too. Did anyone resolve this issue? I am hoping it still works out after I put a 3rd coat on.

    • Hi Elizabeth!
      I’m sorry you are having problems. My mom & I have made these jars several times & even sell them in our brick & mortar store. We’ve never run into this issue. If you follow the recommended drying time, it should work. Maybe it’s the brand of chalkboard paint you are using? You could also opt for just using chalkboard spray paint to do the base coat. Hope these suggestions are helpful!

  27. Super cute! And light pink and green were my wedding colors! Your sister has good taste 😉

  28. grama linda says:

    I also was excited to try this, but the chalk paint started peeling off when I began painting with the colored paint. I put the jar under running water and the chalk paint washed right off! Is there a solution? I don’t see an answer to this previously asked question.

    • Hi there!!
      I’m sorry you are having problems. My mom & I have made these jars several times & even sell them in our brick & mortar store. We’ve never run into this issue. If you follow the recommended drying time, it should work. You could also try using a chalkboard spray paint for your base coat. Good luck!

  29. What type of paint do you use for the color part??

  30. Kathleen says:

    Hi Tonya, just curious how many bottles of paint it takes to paint one mason jar? I on painting 8 jars. I plan on doing 3 coats of pink and mint on each jar. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Kathleen!
      You should probably be able to get 4 jars out of one bottle of paint. Depending on the color, you might not have to do 3 coats of paint. Some colors cover better than others.

  31. Hi I’m planning to do these for a baby shower. I know you said acrylic paint, but do you think interior latex paint would work/? We have leftover from the nursery

    • Hey Kassie!
      It depends on the finish! If it’s a real glossy finish, they might not distress too well.

  32. Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I just made some red, white and blue jars. My daughter made lilac and aqua. A fun project! Easy to make and turned out perfect!

  33. Martine says:


  34. Just made these for my baby shower coming up! When I went to sand, it turned orange from the sand paper. Is there a certain kind you used? Thanks Tonya!

  35. katherine shauger says:

    Love your pink and green mason jars so pretty. My granddaughter said her favorite color is sea foam green.
    This will be perfect for her 30th bday in few weeks. Glad I used Martha Stewart chalk board paint. Will
    do several coats and let dry 24 hrs between coats before spraying finish coat. Glad to find you blog on Pinterest. Katherine
    in Portland, Oregon

  36. Your tutorial was so clear Amd easy to understand. My mason jars should be arriving next week (oriental trading) and I am using them for super cool party favors! I plan to fill them with custom made fortune cookies, custom wrapped candy bars, mints and hot chocolate! Thank you so much for the painting tips! I did not want to give out plain Jane jars!

  37. Good Morning! I followed the steps to paint the jars but for some reason after the chalk paint dries and I start to paint with the color I have chosen the chalk paint starts to peel off. Is there a reason for that and if so how can I fix it. I want to make some for my daughters sweet 16

  38. I am doing this for my shower and I have the chalkboard paint on and totally dry and trying to paint the other coat and it is jut taking off the chalkboard paint any suggestions?

  39. I have painted a ton of mason jars and vases. …there is a difference between chalkboard paint and chalk paint. If you use chalk paint user it alone. …one coast of white then your color of choice. ….works great for me. …I didn’t clear coat and they were still fine. ….I embellish with burlap and twine and sell them or user them personally for events. ..they ate always a hit. …
    Yours are adorable! Love you’re style.

  40. I’m trying this now with a jar, I have at home. The back of the chalkboard paint I have say to let it dry for 4 days and then bake 30 min. at 325 F in non-preheated oven (at temp.) And cool with door open. I don’t know it this will help. I’m going to try it. 😬

  41. Do you wash the jars before painting them? I bought the same products and I’m also having trouble with the peeling when painting on the color. Did you wait longer than an hour for the chalkboard paint to dry? I know you mentioned that you make these all the time, just wondering if there’s something we are missing.

  42. After the chalkboard paint do you paint the mason jars from inside or outside?


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