DIY Wedding…Framed Monogram Wall Hanging

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So, its time to kick off our DIY Fall Wedding Series!!

Eeek! I’m so excited!!

For those of you who missed our inspiration post, you can check it out here. I showed you lots of pictures to give you kind of an idea of the look we are going for!  Its a rustic, chic fall theme incorporating lots & lots of burlap!!!

We are going to have to big focal points at the reception:

1.) An entry table, welcoming guest to the party & setting the mood for the rest of the reception…
2.) A burlap backdrop behind the headtable, with DIY fireplace mantel, & lots of other pretties…

My mom came up with a great idea for an easy DIY project which can be displayed in either of these two spots! We haven’t quite decided where it will find its home until we start decorating! 🙂


We started with this old picture that my grandma had & wasn’t using anymore. She had given it to my mom months ago thinking that maybe we could use the frame for a project of some kind.

It screams 1980’s! I pretty sure its from Home Interiors or something. 🙂

We took the picture out of it & used it as a template to trace the size & shape we needed in order to cover the old picture.

Then we took the frame, primed it, & gave it a couple coats of an ivory colored spray paint….

(Insert Picture Here)

Sorry ya’ll I forgot to take a picture of this, but its pretty self explanatory right?!

Moving on…

We bought a wooden “W” (which is the first letter of the bride & groom’s last name) at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks and began painting…

We gave it a coat of brown paint…

Then we hit a few different areas of the letter with a crackling medium…

After letting the crackling medium dry, we then went over it with a cream colored paint…

The cream colored paint then crackled as it dried to let parts of the brown shine through.

We also used an antiquing medium over the “W” as well to add to the aged look we were going for.
Lastly, we hit the edges and a few spots on the top surface of the letter with some sandpaper to rough it up a bit!

Then we put the frame back together, with the burlap backing then added the “W” to the center.
And we ended up with this…

Framed Burlap Monogram
What do you think?!

It’s cute, right?!

I think so!! 🙂

Framed Burlap Monogram

I just LOVE the way it turned out! I think that this piece is going to look great either on the entry table outside of the ballroom or above the fireplace mantel behind the headtable where the bride & groom will be sitting!

The best part….this was such an easy & CHEAP project!!

The frame was FREE!!
The burlap & spray paint were both LEFT-OVER from other projects!
So, we only had the cost of the “W” which I was just a couple of dollars!

We couldn’t decide which way we liked the frame better, so I turned it the other way for a few pics as well…

What do you think?

Horizontal or Vertical?

Framed Burlap Monogram

Framed Burlap Monogram

We would LOVE to hear your input!!

Stay tuned for even more fun & easy projects coming SOON!!

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  1. I loved this so much I pinned it to pinterest. great work!

  2. Megan C says:

    I just did this project yesterday and it turned out great except for I don’t know how to get the burlap to lay flat. Did you glue it down or something? Please email me at Thank you!

  3. What is the height on your letter? I have some larger frames I want to try this with but want to make sure the letter will look okay with a bigger frame.


  4. This is super cute. I want to do it!

  5. The W looks much better painted brown. What is the W suppose to stand for. I’m curious.

  6. This is a very nice blog — warm, friendly, nice design and TONS of great ideas.

    I’d like to share some information on a series of very innovative, affordable new decor products that will enhance any home.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. All the ideas are incredible.I like the one in the top and definitely try to make one.Thanks for this amazing post.Keep coming with more innovative ideas.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi ther, wanted to let you know this is a very VERY,Old picture. if you look to the center,and to the left, You see a womans HEAD,OF hair.which looks like FOG.And also her shoulders. she is staring the Home of HER AND HER lover.
    david in LA

  9. Looks great – I have all the supplies, now if I could get all the rest of the things on my to-do list done!

  10. I LOVE, this, so creative! I’d love to have you share this or any of your amazing posts at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party. It starts Friday’s at 3pm, hope we see you there!
    (Please remember to add a link to Made From Pinterest at the end of your post!)

  11. Girl, I cannot believe this is your post! I pinned this to my account over a year ago! So amazing to me that I met you this weekend and had no idea Ive pinned your work. LOVE it!!

  12. How do you get the “W” to stick to the burlap? I am planning on doing a similar project ASAP – only difference is full monogram. Please email me @ Thank you in advance! 🙂

  13. I love this! You will see it soon on my blog, Sunny Slide Up! I have to feature it as you helped me with inspiration!

  14. I have an almost identical thrift store oval frame, and I am doing this! Ironically, our last initial is W so it may turn out to look identical to yours 🙂 Thanks for the awesome idea!

  15. I have this EXACT same oval frame and picture. I bought it at a second hand store because I love the frame and have been waiting to use it until I found the right thing. I’m not a huge crafter but I LOVE this! And my last name is with a “W” as well, so really this is a match made in heaven! Thanks!!


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