DIY Wooden Wedding Signs…

When searching for wedding ideas for the Rustic/Chic Fall Wedding, we kept coming across pictures like these on Pinterest……
We loved the idea of using the signs & loved the rustic/chic look, so we thought we would try & make a few of our own. I failed to take any pictures of the signs at the actual wedding, but I thought I would go ahead & share the tutorial with you anyway…
We started the project with some old pallet wood that we got from the dumpster at our local Big Lots. I did ask permission before we took it. They had a few pallets that were broken & were very open to the idea of letting us take it off their hands. I loved the color of the wood & its aged look….


I did not however, love the nails that were in the old wood. So, first step was to remove them!
We wanted a “Ceremony” and a “Reception” sign for the wedding, so I created the words on my computer & printed them out…
I taped the paper to the pallet wood to keep it from shifting & then placed a piece of tracing paper underneath the paper….
Then I started tracing out the word….


 I removed the paper & was left with this….
I wanted something decorative to add underneath the words as well, but I didn’t have anything on my computer so I used my mom’s uppercase living catalog & went to their decorative/misc page, found the image I liked the best & the projected it on to the wall….


 I used the projector to enlarge the image to size that wanted/needed & then taped the paper with my word on it to the wall just above the decorative design…
Then I just traced the decorative image onto the paper.
Once I had the image transferred to the paper, I then went back to using the tracing paper again on top of the wood to then transfer the decorative design to wood as well….
Once I had the word & the decorative scroll at the bottom, I just used some craft paint & a small brush to fill the word in….
This is what they looked like when I was finished…..



(Sorry, I went from nice natural light photos to taking pictures at night with artificial light)
These signs were super easy to make & I love their rustic/chic look! We used the ceremony sign in the lobby area of the church decorating people to the auditorium, where the ceremony was going to take place. The reception sign was in the foyer area of the hotel, just outside of the ballroom where the reception took place.
And again, this project cost us nothing to make!!
Everything is a little cuter when it’s FREE, right?!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Hope you all are having a great week!!
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