Book Page Christmas Ornament Tutorial…

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I wanted to share with you all some pictures of my mom’s Christmas tree this year! She opted not to go with her usual decor & ornaments & decided to try something a bit different this year!
She handmade ALL of her ornaments….
Didn’t it turn out just beautiful?!
I LOVE it!!
All of the ornaments were made using pages from old books, scrapbook paper, & stamps!
And of course, I had to get pics of every single ornament 🙂
Aren’t they all just darling?!
She even made her own topper!!
Today I’m gonna share a tutorial on how my mom made this particular ornament so that you can make one for your tree at home! 🙂
First, she started with an old book….
My mom picked this particular book up at Goodwill for 70 cents. It’s perfect for these type of ornaments because the pages have started to turn yellow, which will give the ornaments an aged look….
She used a blank page in the book for stamping…..
(This page is actually the backside of the title page of the book.)
To make the center portion of the ornament, my mom used a “Happy Holidays” stamp that she found at Walmart & used a brown ink pad that she already had on hand….
She took the stamp & blotted it a few times on the ink pad making sure that she had enough (but not too much ink) on her stamp….
Then she pressed it down firmly onto the blank book page….
And then lifted it off….
Then she took a pair of scissors & cut out the “Happy Holidays” image.
She found scrapbook paper (in a multi-pack at Walmart) that had decorative frames on it that she also used for this project. She cut the frames that she wanted out of the paper…
And glued them to the backside of the “Happy Holidays” stamped image….
To make them a little sturdier, she gave them a cardboard backing using cardboard that she cut out of an empty soda box & glued the two pieces together with hot glue….
Then she took another page out of the book (this time with words on it) & folded it back & forth accordion style….
This is what it looked like after she finished folding….
Then she took the book page & folded it in half….
And secured the two sides together using some hot glue. This gave her a half circle….
 Then she repeated the above steps on a second book page & then hot glue the two “half circles” together to make her ornament….
Then she took the”Happy Holidays” center that she made earlier & hot glued it to the middle of the ornament….
Using a hole punch, she punched a hole in the top of the ornament….
She then took jute & used it to make her ornament hanger…
Because the jute is so thick, she did unravel it into 3 separate pieces & cut a small piece to use for the  ornament hanger….
And then she hung it on her tree 🙂
And there you have it!
Pretty easy, right?!
I hope we’ve got your creative juices flowing & inspired you to try making some ornaments of your own! They are so unique & add such a personal touch to the Christmas tree!
Hope you all are having a great week!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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