Touring Seattle….Eating At The Ram & More Pretty Pics

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!!
I’m back today to share a few more pictures from our trip to the Pacific Northwest! If you missed the first post, you can check it out HERE. I shared several beautiful shots from our journey to Pike Place Market in Seattle! It was such a great time! 
Pike Place was actually the third stop on our trip! I realize now, that I am doing this a little backwards, so forgive me! Gonna back track a little bit now! 🙂 We flew into Seattle on Friday, July 27th and had some pretty spectacular views from our plane.

The first shot is of Mt. Rainier, an active volcano in the Cascade Mountains.  It stands about 14,000 feet above sea level & is the most prominent peak in the Cascade Range. It last erupted about 150 years ago. It was absolutely beautiful to see from above! I wanted to visit Mt. Rainier National Park while we were in Seattle, but unfortunately, we ran out of time! 🙁 Maybe on our next visit!!
We we arrived at the airport, we were greeted with this ridiculously adorable sign that my brother & sister-in-law had made for us…..
How cute is that?! It even has a picture of the whole family on it!! Pay no attention to my sister-in-law who refuses to have her picture taken (hints the hand flying up to her face), she is a little camera shy! 
After claiming our bags, we were absolutely starving! My brother & sister-in-law wanted to take us to eat at “The Ram” which was on the waterfront in Tacoma. We had a little bit of a wait to get into the restaurant, so I took advantage of that time & decided to snap some pictures of the amazing view of the city….

Beautiful sailboat docked at the restaurant…

It was an amazing 66 DEGREES when we arrived in Seattle that evening…..which after spending weeks in the 100’s here at home, felt AMAZING!! I tried so hard to bring back some of those cooler temps back to Southern Illinois with me, but unfortunately, I failed….MISERABLY!

Anyway, had it been just a tid bit warmer, we would have enjoyed our dinner on this little outdoor patio outside of “The Ram.”

Isn’t it just GORGEOUS?!

The flowers were just stunning surrounding the outdoor patio….

Coming from Southern Illinois, where everything had been brown & dried up from the excessive heat & little to no rain, I was mesmerized by how green & lush everything was in the Pacific Northwest!

These flowers are a prime example…..

The restaurant had wonderful food & the atmosphere was relaxed & fun! My hubby indulged in “The Faburge” which was supposed to be their signature burger….

And signature it was….this burger was topped with cheddar, sliced country ham, hickory smoked bacon, fried egg, fried onion crisps and mayonnaise. Ya know….just in case you want to have breakfast, lunch, & dinner in one meal! WOW!! This burger was HUGE!! I couldn’t even fit my mouth around it!! But, as you can imagine, it was delicious!! Bad foods like that always are, right?!

I didn’t know this, but apparently, “The Ram” is a chain restaurant. For other locations, you can check out their website by clicking HERE.

Have you ever eaten at The Ram?!

p.s. I hope you all aren’t minding this little change in my regular DIY/home decor writing! I’m enjoying being able to share all of the pictures from our vacation with you all! I always think it’s nice to be able to get a glimpse into the lives of the bloggers I follow & admire….posts like these help to do that! Hopefully, you all agree with me & are enjoying it too! If not, don’t run off….I promise there will be more home decor/DIYing in the near future!

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  1. so fun!! that burger looks ridiculous!!

  2. You took so many beautiful photos.

  3. I live Lacey (Olympia) which is like 15 mins from Tacoma! My hubs is stationed at Fort Lewis. It is beautiful here in WA! I do miss Southern IL though, I miss 17th Street Bar and Grill. We have a Ram here in Lacey and its awesome! I def love the one in Tacoma right on the Pugent Sound! We always take people there when they come to visit. I will miss the Ram when I move back home to So ILL.

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