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Hey Friends…..Happy Friday!!

Got anything fun planned for this weekend?!

Today, we are headed up north to visit my little sister! Her & her boyfriend just bought their first home, so we are going up to see it for the first time & help them move their things in! And while that might not sound like much fun to some people, it definitely sounds like fun to me!! I’m sure there will be a little decorating going on, as well as a few DIY projects to complete over the course of the weekend….we all know that’s right up my alley!! And don’t worry, I fully intend to take pictures & share them with all of you when we get back!!

For  now, this is the only picture I have to share…

The picture quality is poor because it’s just a crappy phone picture, but at least it gives you a little idea or a sneak peek if you will…. 🙂 It’s cute, right?! I love the little front porch & if you look to the left side of the house, you will see a screened in porch as well…..Adorable!! The house definitely needs some work & updates to the interior, but I know when all is said & done, it’s going to be a perfect first home for the two of them! Excited for them both!!!

I also wanted to tell you about a new feature I added to the blog yesterday! A few weeks ago, while I was at the Haven Conference, I attended a session called “I Like Big Blogs” taught by some very talented & successful bloggers including the very popular Thrifty Decor Chick
One thing that Sarah brought up in that session was that as “home bloggers”, one thing that we need to have on our blog is a “home tour” tab. That way when readers visit our blogs for the first time, they can click on that tab, take the tour, & easily get a sense of your taste, design style, etc. Makes perfect sense, right?! I actually had been wanting to add a home tour to my blog for some time, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it! So, yesterday, I decided to set aside some time in the afternoon while the kiddos were napping, to put together a home tour for you all!

This page is going to be a work in progress, as I don’t have every single room in the house photographed at this time! As I complete some of the projects I am wanting to finish in certain rooms, more pictures will be added. But nonetheless, it is DONE for now! 🙂 
Cross another thing off of the “to-do” list! 
Woot woot! Making some progress!!
So, if you wanna take the tour, just click on the tab or click HERE
As always, thanks for stopping by & I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!
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  1. I always forget to update my home tour tab. I’m planning to sit down this weekend and do that as well as add a popular posts section to my side bar. Your home tour looks great girlie – have a great weekend – sounds like FUN!

    How did you get the instagram photos over on the sidebar? I’m a tech-no so I have no idea how to do stuff like that! 😉

  2. Tonya! I love this place…love your shop too! Home tour is wonderful, great work! ♥ much love


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