My Sister’s New House & A Coat Closet Turned Entry Nook…{Entry Makeover}

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Hey Ya’ll!! 
I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve chatted last!! 

I told you in my last post, that we were leaving to go out of town for a few days because my little sister had bought a house & we were going up north for a few days to help her move in & work on a few projects to get her settled! Well we finally got home last night & let me just tell you….THIS.GIRL.IS.POOPED!! The amount of stuff we got accomplished in just four days is kinda crazy!! We had lots of additional help with my mom & dad and aunt & uncle, who also made the trip north!  All & all, it was a fun & productive weekend with family….

This is the fixer upper that her & her boyfriend bought….
 It’s an older home, built in 1955, but has loads of character & TONS of potential!! It’s going to make a perfect starter home for the two of them & will be ADORABLE inside & out by the time we are done with it! They live about 5 1/2 hours north of us, so we won’t get up to visit real frequently, but I’m hoping to make a few more trips there before the end of the year to help them out with home improvement projects! I told them as long as they provide me with blog posts, they can count on me for free labor! 🙂
Here is another view of the front yard….
I LOVE that little covered porch…..but I think it’s missing a porch swing! Wouldn’t you agree?! I also adore the little screened-in porch on the side of the house! I would make the perfect spot to drink a cup of coffee & eat breakfast in the morning….that is when it cools off a little bit!! Notice the brown grass?! That’s pretty much because we haven’t had any rain in a million years!! And it’s been hot… 100 DEGREES HOT!!
I’ll be sharing all the improvements we made over the course of the weekend (room by room) on the blog, but the first I wanted to share with you the little makeover we gave to the entryway!
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 Didn’t it turn out so cute?! 

To fully appreciate how great it looks, you MUST see all the before pics….
The entryway/foyer area is small & like the rest of the house…. was out dated! Even though it’s such a small area in her home, Cortney wanted it to make a big impact & beautiful first impression for their guests!
These pictures were taken at night, so the lighting isn’t the greatest…I apologize! I also wasn’t able to get pictures of this area before the wallpaper came down! That’s right…just picture ugly, cream wallpaper with maroon flowers?! Pretty, huh?! 🙂  My aunt had already taken all the wallpaper down before I arrived, so no pictures of that….lucky you!
Across from the front door, there is a small coat closet…
One thing that this little house isn’t lacking is closet space….there are seriously closets EVERYWHERE!! So, since she would be able to store coats in other areas of the home, my sister wanted to utilize the coat closet for something a little different!
So, the next morning we primed the entire entryway…..
 The only thing that didn’t get primed was the coat closet it door….
And that’s because we took it OFF!!!
We had to take down the closet rod that was inside for the coats, but left the 1 x 4 trim piece that was already there. While priming the inside of the closet, I got an idea to add some beadboard to the inside! So, we talked my dad into making a little trip to the nearest Lowes store to pick some up!
To save money, we decided to just line the back of the closet with the beadboard. We only needed one sheet which cost us $19.00. My dad measured it to the size he needed & cut it to fit.
Then, he installed it using a nail gun & trimmed out the edges with quarter round that we had left over from another project…
He also built the bench seat & added a floor to the bottom of the closet to hold the baskets…..
I didn’t take any pictures of this process because I was out running a few errands while he was working on it, but he basically just built a frame around the inside of the closet using 1 x 4’s, & then used shelf boards for the bench & the floor. The boards just sat on top of the frame & he nailed them together to make them more sturdy. He did add a piece of trim/molding to the front of the bench & floor to just make them look more decorative.
Then I primed & painted the beadboard, quarter round, bench & floor….
Because we had so many projects going on, we didn’t have time to whip up a cushion for the bench or go out & shop for throw pillows & accessories for the new entry nook, but because I wanted to stage it for blog photos, we managed to throw a few things together…..just keep in mind, that this isn’t how its going to stay!
The cushion in this photo is actually a seat cushion Cortney had from one of her chairs! We just wrapped a black sheet around it & used a couple of throw pillows off of her bed for staging purposes. The hooks were purchased at Dollar General & were on clearance! We got packages of two hooks for just $1.00. They were originally gold, but we spray painted them with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint by Rust-Oleum.
I just love the way this little nook turned out!! It adds so much to her entryway & because the door is now gone, I feel like it opens the space up even more!

It’s also kid approved!! 🙂

Let’s take one last look at the Before & After…..

The board & batten wall behind the front door was super quick & easy to put up….

We used the existing baseboard & then added the 1 x 4 to the top. Then we purchase three 1 x 3’s & cut them to the length we needed. We found the center of the wall for the middle batten & the two others were added to the outside edges. Then all of the seams were caulked, the boards were sanded down, & the wall was primed & painted. We added the same Dollar General hooks that we used for the entry nook, & Voila….

A pretty & yet FUNCTIONAL wall to hang keys, purses, etc!
LOVE it!!

And let’s take one last look at the “Before” space as a whole…..

And now the “After”….


Don’t ya think?! 

I think the entry nook is MY FAVORITE!!
It’s just so cute & cozy!! 🙂

What is your favorite part?!

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  1. i’m in love with this! going to share it on my FB – you guys did such a great job! How fun is it that you can help your sister out with these projects?! Love it!!

  2. LOVE it, wonderful job!!! I would so love to do this in our house with our coat closet… Oh hubby.. where are you?!!? 😉

  3. What a cute house! & that coat closet turned out really cute.

  4. That looks great! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house.

  5. What a great idea. I love it!

  6. That looks so great!! You did a great job and how special that you got to do it with your sister. Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Precious makeover!! Love the trim!! 😉

  8. Beautiful! and you even have an old door and a glass handle to use somewhere else now!

    @ Creatively Living

  9. Great job, Tonya!! Y’all got a lot done and now when she walks in her front door she feels instantly like they’ve made headway! Thanks for sharing!
    Heidi 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    I loved how the entry way turned out! I know that Cortney loved your help. It is the first thing you see when you come in the house and it is adorable. I just wish we could run over to her house and help out some more, but she is so far away that we will have to do a little bit over time. I enjoyed being together as a family working on her home. It was wonderful spending time together and getting her settled in her new home. I love my girls!!!


  11. I love that your sister’s name is Cortney and that it is spelled without a “u”- mine is too! 🙂 Such cute renovations- love it!

  12. Beautiful! I’m sure your sister is so grateful for your willingness to help with her new home!

  13. love the nook in the closet!

  14. How ever so cute!! Love the nook – adorable! Great job.

  15. What an awesome job Tonya! I love every detail – the beadboard, the board and batten… what a fun nook for your sister’s home.

  16. Brilliant!!! Love the closet makeover.

  17. It looks amazing Tonya! What a nice sister you are!! Love everything about it!!

  18. You did a great job! The makeover really freshens and lightens up the space.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  19. I love how both projects turned out!! I have a nook in my entry way that I can’t wait to makeover. Pinning these ideas to help with that project.

    Your sister’s house is adorable, how fun to have another house to decorate!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. What is the tan color you used on the wall above the board and batten by your front door? It looks great! Thanks!


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