DIY Scoreboard Tutorial…{Baseball Birthday}

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Hey Friends!!
Today, I thought I would take a little break from posting about my sister’s house & share with you a little tutorial that I meant to share weeks ago!!
See that scoreboard up there?!
I told you all that I was gonna show you how I made it, and well…..I kinda forgot about it! Whoops! But, because I like to think that I am a girl of my word, let’s re-visit that ummkay?!
First, I went to Walmart & purchased a plain black foam board from the craft department. I think it was $1.97 or something like that….
Then, using some painter’s tape, I taped out the lines for the scoreboard….
I wasn’t real exact with this whole process…afterall, it was just for a birthday party! If I were going to be using it in his bedroom or something like that, I would have made sure that the lines were perfectly straight, & that they were all the same widths, but for this….I just kinda eyeballed it!
Then I took some white paint that I already had & painted the areas in between the tape….
While the paint was still wet, I began pulling the tape off….


This is what I was left with….

If your lines aren’t perfect when you pull off the tape, it’s no big deal! Just take a small craft paint brush to go back & touch them up!

Then, using my cricut machine & some white cardstock, I began cutting out the letters & numbers for the scoreboard….

If I remember correctly, I think the letters/numbers on the top & bottom row of the scoreboard were cut at 1 inch & the larger letters/numbers in the middle rows were cut at 2.5 inches! As far as the font, I used the George & Basic Shapes cartridge.

Then I just used a craft glue stick to adhere the letters to the foam board….

I just used the lines that I had painted as my guide for making sure that my letters/numbers went on straight.

And this is how it turned out….

You can see a difference from when I first started cutting out the letters to the finished product….I ended up changing the top line from “Parker Field” to “Diehl Field” (our last name) just to make everything fit a little bit better!

All & all, I was very pleased with how it turned out & I think that it made the perfect backdrop for the cake & “concessions” table….

I hope you found this tutorial useful!! It really was a cinch to make!

Now that I have finished posting about Parker’s birthday, maybe I should start thinking about Griffin’s!! Eeek!! It’s a month from tomorrow!!

Am I the only one planning birthday parties this summer?!

Looking for more party ideas?! 

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  1. What a great mommy you are! and so creative too!!!

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