Camouflaging An Eyesore In Our Backyard….

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Hey There!
How the heck are ya?!
Did you have a good weekend?! I hope so!!
I wanted to take a minute today & rewind a bit….
Do you all remember the Back Deck Project we completed a month or so ago?!
I wish I could tell you that we’ve been sitting out there every evening & enjoying our new space….
I wish I could tell you that we could have had a handful of cook-outs since I posted the big reveal….
But with temps in the 100’s EVERY DAY, let’s face it….it’s just been TOO DARN HOT!!
At this point, I’m looking forward to the Fall & hoping to take advantage of this space when the temps cool off a bit! Am I the only one dreaming of mums, pumpkins, falling leave, & hot apple cider?! Or are you all with me on that?!
There was one more project that I completed while transforming our backyard space that I forgot to tell you about! Let’s call it……. Project  “Can We Please Hide That Ugly Electrical Box?!”
I realize that this might not bother some people…but for those of us who are Type A & just a little bit OCD, this eye sore needed to be addressed!
So what did I do?! 
I grabbed a brush, some primer & some white exterior paint & got to work!!
Now you see it….
Now you don’t!


Doesn’t it look so much better?! The other smaller box is our cable box….I went ahead & painted it too! 🙂
Here are a few more shots from the big reveal post…..
You can see the box on the other side of the table in this shot. Although I wasn’t able to make it go away completely…’s definitely blends in with the white siding now, making it a lot less noticeable!
This was such a simple & easy fix! It literally only took me a couple of hours to complete and most of that time was spent waiting for the paint to dry in between coats!
Now, all I need to do is figure out how I’m gonna camouflage the air conditioning unit! Don’t think that I didn’t think about painting it too!! 🙂
I think we are going to purchase or build something similar to this…..
I like the idea of this one although I would like something with solid panels versus the lattice!
Maybe something more like this….
Anyone seen a DIY version of this in blogland?!
I’d love a good tutorial!! 🙂
Am I the only crazy person who has painted her electrical box?!
Or are there more crazies out there like me?!Anyone thinking about painting theirs after reading this post?!

Wishing You All A Fantastic Monday!!
Talk to you again soon!!UPDATE: To see further updates to our backyard, CLICK HERE:Back-Deck-+-Pergola-Reveal





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  1. I love the idea of painting the electrical box! It definitely makes it blend right in!! My husband and I own a heating & AC company so I feel compelled to ask you to think about making whatever you do to hide the outdoor unit, make sure it is removable! When the unit needs it’s twice a year maintenance or it breaks down, the technician needs to be able to get to the unit. So many folks plant beautiful plants to conceal them, but leave no work room….Let us know what you do, because I’d like to hide mine too!!

  2. I love your deck. It reminds me that there’s a lot of room to fit in both a seating and dining areas. My husband likes to disagree with having both on our large patio but I can see it!

    As for your AC unit, why not do a DIY version with pallets? They are all over Pinterest and you can even add some plants to the top portion for extra cuteness!

  3. I love how it turned out. Doesn’t stand out anymore. Great job. I have been wanting to paint ours for 5 years now, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. We need new siding and then I will probably paint it to match the siding. Our pole to the second floor for the electric box is so rusted it’s really gross, so it’s a project that will have to get done one way or another after the new siding. 😉 Thanks for sharing. And I’m with you with the mums and pumpkins… I love the Fall weather. Maybe we would use our patio more too if the weather wasn’t so darn hot all the time in NY. Enjoy the rest of your summer though. 🙂

  4. Nice job!! I wanted to share with you that the lattice version is the best choice the AC needs to have access to air to function properly and safely. I made a cute picket fence for my friends unit and it is a HUGE improvement.

  5. Nice job!! I wanted to share with you that the lattice version is the best choice the AC needs to have access to air to function properly and safely. I made a cute picket fence for my friends unit and it is a HUGE improvement.

  6. That is such a neat idea, of painting it! I never would have thought of it…it really does blend in with the house now:) I’m liking the idea of the fence around the air conditioner, too! Can’t wait to see when you find something for that!

  7. Good job painting it! I looks and blends so much better 🙂

  8. LOVE this – paint can fix everything!! What a great idea! I love that second image you have for in front of the air conditioning too…sure you could DIY that!! 🙂

  9. great idea of painting the electrical box! you’d never even know it’s there! i did see (on pinterest) someone who built or put fencing and solar lights around their ac unit.

  10. My gramma painted hers yellow when she redid the outside of her house! I love blending it it!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog (from pinterest, of course) and I LOVE it!! My electrical box is also painted. 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nice painting job, the lattice cover is the way to go cause it needs air to circulate.

  13. We have a huge AC unit and we have a piece of fence up in front of it and I hung a flag with a “P” on it for our last name. 🙂 I love the way it looks and it hides the unit. If you want to see a photo of it let me know and I will snap a photo for you. (
    I just love your blog!

  14. usually sells a fence thingie to put around the ac unit & if I remember correctly it’s usually about $20 or so. But for your diy soul here’s instructions & you could probably modify them to suit your tastes.

  15. Anonymous says:

    i know this is unrelated but dont let them take out your analog electric meter and replace it with a wireless and/or digital “smart” meter. the radiation emissions are making some people sick. see this is not a joke.
    from: a friend.

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  23. Our electrical box was right on the front of the house and we painted ours brown the same as the siding. Hardly noticed it after that. Not sure why they put the darn thing right there so everyone could see it and we built our house ourselves. There were other convenient places they could have put it so it wasn’t so noticeable from the road.

    Love your projects and I think those ready made fences around the air conditioner is one we are going to do too.

  24. I found your tutorial through Pinterest and I immediately fell in love and went to work on our house! 😀 Our stupid electrical box is in the FRONT of our house! Blaaahhh. So this was a huge eyesore saver for us. Thank you so, so, so much for sharing! I blogged about my experience with it and linked back to you! (:

    Thanks again!

  25. Very good idea. I’m going to do it myself, thanks for the inspiration.

    On a side note: please don’t think that it’s cute to say you have OCD because you don’t like a having a big ugly thing on the side of your house. It’s not. It’s the equivalent of saying you have post-traumatic stress disorder because you got a paper cut. It makes light of real diseases and those who actually suffer with them.

  26. I realize this was competed a long time ago and it looks ever so much better with the boxes painted, but Hun, go ahead and paint those ugly black wires while you are at it. You ill be surprised what a difference that little extra ill make. 🙂

  27. I just stumbled upon your solution to hide all those ugly junction boxes. How simple and easy. I already painted them and they look great! I am amazed I didn’t think of it before. Thank you.


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