Curb Appeal…Evolution of The Side Yard

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I know I have blogged about this space numerous times, but I thought I would share with you how it has evolved over the past month or so….
Going back to our that first initial “before” picture…
 This space served as our catch-all space on the side of the house where we threw all of the crap we didn’t know how to dispose of….I was so sick of looking at it!!!
The next picture is the first “after” picture I took after I got it all cleaned up, flowers planted, & window box hung…
Such big & drastic improvement from where we initially started…
This past weekend, I finally got the shutters painted & got the hubby to hang them for me, so I wanted to share a new picture with you. I also wanted to show you how full & beautiful my impatiens are right now…

I absolutely LOVE this side of the house now! It makes me smile everytime I pass by…
The impatiens LOVE this spot as well. It is shaded almost all day & I really haven’t had to even water them too much. I have however, given them a couple doses of miracle grow 🙂 Seems to be working, huh?
And I really like the added color the shutters bring to the space as well!
So that’s all…just wanted to share!!
It really has changed so much!!!
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  1. The house look charm and beautiful…seem to be how your hard work has paid off.The shutter add so much and look perfect.
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