Old Barns….I’m Officially Old & Boring!!

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Hello Friends!
I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but here in Southern Illinois it is HOT!!!
Today my mom kept the boys for me & I managed to get a bunch of work done in our backyard/flowerbed. I planted 14 bushes & transplanted 2!!
I was sweating my butt off….which may not be a bad thing, but…
HATE to sweat!!
Anyway…it was a long HOT day in the yard, but it was definitely worth it! I’m so excited with how it all turned out! And I can’t wait to share pics in a couple of days!! 🙂
So after I got done working in the yard, I decided to take a cool shower, jump in my nice air-conditioned mini-van (don’t judge), & head to the Dairy Queen for a nice, cool treat!! I also snagged my camera before I walked out the door so I could drive around & take some pictures!
I am just a little obsessed with my camera right now, I’m sure you guys have probably figured that out & are starting to wonder if this has turned into a photography blog…stick with me, I WILL get back to the DIY/Home Decorating projects soon! PROMISE!! 🙂
Anyway…I was on a mission to find some old barns to photograph!
 Then I found this one…
An old, beat-up barn with gorgeous wild flowers growing all around…
Eeeek! I was so excited!!
Then I realized…
Oh My Gosh…I’m Officially Old & Boring…
I mean….who gets excited to go driving around looking for old beat-up barns anyway?!
Well, turns out I DO!!
But, seriously…how perfect is this barn?!

It’s practically screaming…”Look How Cute I Am….Someone Please Take My Picture!”
I played around with the photos on Picnik & added some texture for the first time as well…
Kinda adds to the old, beat-up look….I think I like it!!
Anyway…I managed to find a few more old, rusty, & beat-up things on my drive!!
Here are a few more pics for your viewing pleasure…
This is actually the same barn as above…just a different view (not nearly as pretty)

 Loving the colors in this one…
 Also LOVING the color of this old rusty car!
I wanted to get some closer shots, but I would’ve had to gone up these peoples’ driveway & thought that might be considered trespassing…so I just took some pics from the road 🙂

Last, but not least… 
So what is it about an old barn?
 Something cute about that falling apart mess…
Still haven’t quite figured it out!
Do you agree?
Got any cute old barns near you?
Sweet Shot Day
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  1. This post has inspired me!! I just need the weather to warm up. Unfotunately, in Ontario it’s usually -20 C!! There are so so many beautiful old barns and fields around where I live. Some of them are collapsing too, and I want to photograph them before it’s too late. Come Spring I’ll spend a whole day road-tripping around sneaking into fields 😉

    -Shadyn (instagram; bleubells)

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