My Closet Turned Home Office Reveal…

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So about a week ago I told you all about an idea that I had…

To turn my coat closet into a home office space!

I’m sure many of you looked at this photo and thought…..“There is no way!”

Well hold on to your seats people…
the following pictures are going to AMAZE you…

LOL! 🙂 (I crack myself up!)

Before starting the painting process, I first went shopping for office supplies. I bought some really pretty boxes, trays, and other misc items at Walmart in their office supply section in a plum color, but I was unsure where to go from there. I decided to look in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby to try to come up with a color scheme which incorporated plum. I found this beautiful paper…

It had the plum color I was looking for, plus it incorporated blue, sage green, & cream with it.  That is how I picked my wall color. The color is called “Distant Valley” and I found it at Lowes.

So here is a picture of what the closet looked like after being cleaned out & getting a fresh coat of paint! A lot of what was in the closet was junk & stuff that just needed to be sorted through.  As far as the coats went…I put some in our bedroom closets & then the coats that we use most often got hung on the back of our bedroom doors. I just bought some simple over-the-door hooks at Walmart and hung them.

If you saw my previous post on which I got the inspiration for this project, you saw in the example pictures that a lot of the spaces used wallpaper to add to the look of the office. I liked the look of the wallpaper, but didn’t like the idea of having to hang it! So, I decided to stencil the back wall of the closet instead to get a similar look. I just bought a simple wall stencil at Hobby Lobby which I got for $10.00.

By the way…ALL projects go smoother when you have this handsome little 3 year old helping you…

I mean really….have you ever seen a level used quite like that?!?
You can’t find good help like this anymore…

So this is what the stenciled wall looked like until I ran out of paint! My hubby was kind enough to stop & get me some more on his way home from work!

After the stenciling was complete…it was onto installing the desk & shelves!

I utilized the skills of my handy dandy father to build my desk & shelves for this project.  Instead of buying lumber to build these items, I used my old kitchen table which we had in storage. I recently purchased a new table, so this table was not being used for anything. Being able to use it saved me a lot of money on this project!

So here it is after my dad finished installing it & after I primed & painted it. We used the legs of the table to add a more decorative look to the desk & the shelves. I just love the way it turned out!

After painting it was time to add all my accessories that I had purchased or made for my new office.  After adding all of those items, this is how it all turned out….

Pretty awesome, huh?  I just LOVE it!!!

That cute little flower medallion on the first shelf was one that my mom had left over from a previous project…I love the detail it added to the shelf. I just painted it & hot glued it on.

My mom found that little lamp at Pier 1 for me for $10 and the orchid flower in the vase for $3. They added the perfect finishing touches to my desk.

The pencil holders I made out of aluminum cans & wrapped them with the scrapbook paper I bought at Hobby Lobby.

The boxes were again, purchased at Walmart in their office supply section they were $7 a piece. The magazine holders/boxes were made out of cereal boxes & scrapbook paper, you can view that tutorial HERE. I then used my cricut machine to make the labels for them.

The little jars I bought at Hobby Lobby half off…I paid $1.50 for both of them & again made labels using the cricut machine. I used them to hold my paper clips & thumb tacks (which I will used for my cork board…which I have not completed yet… 🙂

Lets look one more time at the transformation….

This was my closet before….

This is my closet after….

And this is my closet after…
As far as the total cost for this new home office space…here is how it all came down!

Accessories (boxes, trays, paper clips, thumb tacks, stapler)-$44.00
Wall Stencil-$10.00
Glass Jars-$1.50
Scrapbook paper-$8.00
Grand Total-$91.50

Not too shabby for a new home office space!

I will be sharing this project here……
31 Days of Organizing Made Fun Linky Party

Organizing Made Fun

I’m also linking up at the following sites…..

WhisperWood Cottage


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  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice sis! I am proud! who knew that you could make that tiny closet an office and cute at that….what am I doing this weekend you ask…? well due to the wonderful january weather I am staying home and not driving to murphy. Craig is going away with some of his buddies on a ski trip, while he is away I will be re-doing his office/man cave. I will post you before and after pics! love ya!


  2. this turned out soooo cute! what a great use of space & i love the table turned desk/shelf!

  3. That is the most darling office closet I have ever seen! It is nothing short of amazing! You did a super job – the table useage was really clever too! I love it! So organized, pretty, and tidy!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. It is amazing! I love the color. I would feel very creative in a space like that!

  5. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  6. I cannot believe how beautiful you made your closet look! Ah-mazing!

  7. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of it! Such an efficient use of space and the colors are beautiful! I have a whole room I am able to use for an office yet I still found myself wondering how I could use this closet office idea! 🙂 So glad I came across your blog!

  8. You ROCK!!!! This turned out so great, Tonya!! When I’m ready to work on my goal of decorating I might be giving you a call for some design help! Did I mention that I love you kept the cost reasonable?!

  9. OH MY! You did it! I cannot believe you stenciled that wall. You’ve got gumption! 🙂
    And I love the way you used the table. You have really amazed me. I am going to spotlight your project on my blog. 🙂
    Let me know if that’s okay.
    It really does look amazing!!! congrats!
    Thanks for joining my party.

  10. Well you hit another home run! It’s absolutely adorable. Besides being talented and creative, you’re one lucky girl to have your dad right there to help you with transforming the kitchen table into the desk and shelves!! Your pictures are great and really show the journey…Parker’s gonna be a Design Star 🙂 Congratulations on a beautiful transformation!!

  11. um. you rock.
    GREAT work!!
    – {darlene}

  12. I think this is one of the prettiest “closet turned office” spaces I’ve ever seen! Genius idea with the old kitchen table. It looks amazing!

  13. What a great idea! Good job. You have some real injenuity!

  14. Love it!! I absolutely love the way you re- purposed your old table. It looks so custom!!

  15. Love the stencil and the colors. Good job

  16. Wow…that is an amazing transformation. What a beautiful space for you to be organized.

  17. WOW! It is truly gorgeous. Bravo! 🙂

  18. Just became a follower! This is so amazing- can’t wait to see what you’ll do next 😉

    xo- Carmel

  19. This is absolutely beautiful!! I’m speechless! Great job!!

  20. Brilliant! I love how you used that old table! The pattern you created with the stencil is perfect. And the two handsome helpers are fabulous! Thanks for linking up at WhisperWood Cottage!

  21. oh my gosh this looks AMAZING!!!! what an awesome use of space!! You could even take your door off (unless you want to be able to hide it! LOL) But why would you?! I’d want to show everyone!! Awesome job!

  22. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I truly, truly appreciate each & every one! I’m glad that you all love my new office space as much as I do! 🙂

  23. I love it!That’s a great use of the table. You might enjoy my stacked tables plant stand. You can see it here:

  24. I love this!!! I’m bookmarking it for future reference :). I especially loved how you cut th table in half to make a desk AND a shelf. So creative!

  25. That is absolutely amazing. I am in awe. You have great vision and great style!
    p.s. can I steal your cereal box magazine holder idea?

  26. I have to say that your home office is absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of using cereal boxes for magazine holders. Seriously FABULOUS. Looking forward to following your blog xox

  27. Unbelievable. I would never have believed that closet could be turned into such a beautiful/useful space. I love how you repurposed the table and the stenciling on the wall is perfection! Great job.

  28. That is truly amazing. I love the quatrofoil(?) stencil. And the colors and the simple decor. You have done a great job.
    Came over from Traci’s

  29. PLEASE!! That is beautiful. What a great job. I have an under the stairs closet that wants to be that pretty!

  30. VERY creative and beautiful. Sawing the table in half was great!! Although I wonder if your hubby thought you were crazy… (mine would have… LOL)

  31. You were right. I do absolutely love this.

    The wall colour. The stencil. The accessories. The white shelves. The pretty storage. Dreamy!

    You’re on a roll, girl! 🙂

  32. I just love what you did here! Great choice of colors, and I adore the repurposed kitchen table. Very creative!

  33. What an amazing project! I love your new office and I love the colors that you chose!

    Stopped by from WhisperWood Cottage!

  34. Now that is one awesome little closet!! What a great idea! You did a great job!

  35. Just found your blog and I am drooling over your new little office! So cute… I’m your newest follower!

    Please link up to my Flaunt it Friday party, my readers will love it!

  36. This is fantastic! LOVE that you used a table to do that. I see tables really cheap on craigslist. What a saver! So beautiful. Paying bills was never so pretty!

  37. this is beyond fantastic!! I LOVE it!! I love it so much, I would like to issue you a personal invitation to come to my house and redo my hall closet! 🙂 Love it!! I espescially love that you used your old kitchen table. I love the details of the legs of the table! Really, the cutest thing ever!!!! Fantastic job!! Have a great Monday!!

  38. While I might have been clever enough to cut down an old kitchen table to use as a desk, there’s no way I would have ever thought to use the rest as shelves. What a brilliant idea! This project appeals to me on so many levels:
    1. Re-use, re-purpose, or refinish old items
    2. Create a high-end look
    3. Spend very little money
    It’s clear that I can learn a lot from you, so I’ll be following your blog. Lead on!

  39. Coming over from Stephanie Lynn. This came out great! Love it.

  40. What a surprise when you open the door! This is really a gem. Love it!

  41. Great transformation! And your office makeover budget blows mine out of the water 😉

  42. Awesome!! And for under $100!!! Super fabulous!

  43. Great job! It looks very nice. Visiting from the CSI Project

  44. WOW!! I am amazed at how you were able to make a small space so great looking and efficient.

  45. This is awesome!! You did an amazing job!!! 🙂

  46. I love this! It looks amazing, especially the stenciling. I can’t get over the “shelving”. So clever. Nice work!

  47. What a great use of space! I love the way your office turned out.

  48. That is fantastic! I love everything about it! And you’re so clever to use a table like that.

  49. Too, too cute! 🙂 Great use of a small space..LOVE it!
    I linked up my kitchen’s pretty in pink! I LOVE these organizational parties! lol
    Have a great day

  50. Wow! What a transformation!! I absolutely love it! I would love if you would link it up to “Simplify for the New Year” at A Home Made by Kiki! I’m your newest follower too!

  51. You did such a wonderful job! It looks fabulous!

  52. Awesome closet makeover. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a tiny place look so fabulous and you have room for everything!!! Great job!!

  53. I LOVE this! I wish I had an extra closet to create a space for ME since my kids have taken over all the other extra spaces. 🙂 Very pretty!

  54. I love this! It looks amazing! Very inspiration for small spaces,

  55. This is awesome, I love it! The stencil really sets it apart and makes it extra special.

  56. Marvelous Project!!! Great use of space and wonderful creativity and planning. I look forward to following you and invite you to do likewise (although I haven’t been saying too much lately on my blog — haha). Congratulations on the completion of a VERY successful project!

  57. So awesome!

    I am your newest follower from the organization challenge. I now HAVE to stencil. GORGEOUS!!!

    🙂 Laura


  59. That is the most amazing thing. I love it! I don’t have the guts to try out that stenciling but you go lady! I was wondering what you do with chair when the office space is not in use? Does it fit in the space and you shut the door? Or do you just leave the door open or move the chair? Just wondering in case I ever have the urge to attempt this in the future!

  60. As soon as I saw the photo of your office closet I had to follow you! Congrats. Laura,

  61. Nothing amazes me more then someone turning a CLOSET a small space into something Beautiful. Plus you used a table… HOLY WOW! so impressed. I adore it, it looks gorg. WELL DONE. jen

  62. Looks great. Welcome to the blogging world, and congrats on the shout out, I see its drove alot of traffic. I’m sure you’ll be addicted to blogging in no time at all.

  63. Awesome!!!

  64. WOW you weren’t kidding that my clipboard would match EXACTLY…we used the same exact paper!!

  65. I am in love with this project. My husband wants to get a piano and we keep wondering where we would put it. Seeing this gave me a fab idea. The wall where we have our desk and computer just moves into our off the entry closet. I love what you did to the wall oh so cool!

    I’m going to sit and drool at this for a while. Thanks for the idea!


  66. Awesome! So funny that we both made a “cloffice”! I love the stacked desks!

  67. Do you have a tutorial on making those folders out of the ceral boxes??

  68. Oh my goodness this is fabulous! I love it. I want to come visit and tuck away in the little office and check my email. Genius. Really. And so pretty too. I love it. Lisa~

  69. I’m glad you were able to use the flower that your mom made in the previous project. It’s nice to see that the flower wasn’t wasted.

  70. GORGEOUSNESS!!!! Curious…did you install an electrical outlet in your closet? Or do you just move your computer to a different place to charge it? I would love to do this in my home but alas…I have no outlet in my daaaaaark, daaaaaark closet.

  71. love it! are you still using this closet/office space in the same way? Have you made any changes?

  72. That is beautiful! Makes me want a coat closet!

    When I make cute cans with scrapbook paper, I cover them with clear contact paper to make them last longer. They make great piggy banks too.

  73. Wow. What an amazing transformation.

    I found you through the New Year’s Organizing Revolution. And you definitely have my vote.

    I love that you repurposed your old kitchen table for this project. And that stencil is gorgeous. (Your helper is pretty cute, too!)

    Great project.

    Thanks for inspiring me.


  74. Absolutely amazing! I so love the table idea and the thrifty cereal boxes. WOW – Very impressive creativity.

  75. Amazing job!! I love the result!!! 😀

  76. That is really cool! Totally doing this someday. But I actually have one question.Someone may have asked already, but I didn’t see it if they did… Does the chair fit in the closet with the door closed? Because that would be extra awesome!

  77. WOW! Fantastic!

  78. This was a wonderful project that earned my vote for the New Year Organzing Challenge! Good luck!

  79. I love this idea. I shared this on my blog today.
    The challenge of the week is Organization so this is perfect. Also, I wanted to ask if you would want to be a guest judge. Then, let me know if you are interested.
    email me
    Thanks for inspiring me and many others!

  80. I just found this through ABFOL – LOVE what you did, very creative and inspiring!

  81. Thanks for the insight! I just accidentally came across this blog and was surprised since i am having a home based office. I have thought of installing a home office closet in my house also so that everything would look organized.

  82. It looks lovely! How did you get electricity into the closet for the lamp? Did you have to hire an electrician to create an outlet?

  83. Anonymous says:

    It is very clever and looks great, except the only light is from behind you and likely you have to plug the computer in under or around you unless a closet that small has an outlet built in. If it does, classic. If not, I’d wire one in.

  84. What dimensions are your closet? Thanks!

  85. LOVE IT! I never would have thought to do that with the table-turn-desk, but it is FANTASTIC!

  86. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time to my front closet (mine looks just like your BEFORE, including the vacuum cleaner!). I love how you repurposed the table — great idea. You’ve inspired me – thanks!


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