Cereal Box Magazine Holder Tutorial

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 So I thought I would give a little tutorial on my cereal box magazine holders….
This was actually my mom’s idea…
she had seen it done somewhere before, but couldn’t remember where.
So I started out with just 2 cheap boxes of cereal from Walmart…
I bought the bigger boxes to allow for magazines of all sizes.
I will tell you, my magazine holders are not super sturdy, so you may wanna purchase a more expensive brand of cereal for a stronger box. I did not compare the cheap brands vs. the expensive brands to see if there was any difference in the quality of the boxes. However, if you aren”t going to be housing a lot of magazines, the cheap box will serve its purpose. I will admit, I was mostly going for looks! 🙂

First thing I did was cut off the tabs at the top of the box…

 I then measured 2.5 inches from the bottom of the box up & marked my spot. I took a level (only because I didn’t have a ruler) and placed it on the mark and angled it up to the opposite upper corner of the box & made a line with my pencil. I repeated this step on the opposite side of the box, and then cut it out. The box should look something like the one in the picture above.

After I cut the box the way I wanted it, all I did next was cover the box with scrapbook paper. I just used a glue stick (like the type you would use for scrapbooking) to adhere the paper to the box.

Voila! Your cheap cereal box is now a beautiful magazine holder!

I added a touch of flair to the box with my cricut machine with a fancy shmancey label!
(This picture was taken during the day & all the others at night hints the difference in lighting..I am still figuring out this new camera thing!)

Here is what they look like on the shelf in my pretty new office!
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you take a stab at making one of your own!

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  1. Wonderful idea!!! And good for the pocketbook too. I’m about to redesign my home office and I think I will use this to help organize my clutter. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. ok-i am totally stalking you now!! amazing kitchen redo! I want your countertops! would you mind sharing with me a little bit more about them? Lowes, $80? I am more than intrigued! My before kitchen was very similar to yours. I too painted everything cream. I just ran out of cash when it came to the countertops. I don’t have a whole lot of counterspace either. Even my husband said to ask about the details. So…would you mind sharing!?
    thanks in advance!!

  3. The only thing I have more of than magazines is catalogs. I really do need to contain them somehow, but when I checked office supply stores and the online organizing retailers for solutions, I almost hyperventilated at the price! Your homemade organizers are budget-friendly, and better looking, too. I figure I’ll need about twenty cereal boxes to house my collection. With a thirteen year-old boy in the house, It’ll probably take only a week to save them up! (Seriously, do they ever stop eating?)

  4. I am absolutely making these. I think I might try to find a way to make some for my file folders, too.
    Thanks for the show how!

  5. Love it! I’ve seen these done for a year’s worth of my Church magazines too. I may have to get busy and make a couple 😀

  6. Oh the money I could have saved had I not bought these at Ikea!

  7. Tonya I LOVE this idea! I am organizing junkie, as you are a decorating junkie. This is FANTASTIC!! I will do some this weekend maybe and post on my blog too so you can check em out!

  8. Those look great! So easy! Thanks so much for stopping by Threeboys! I love your blog!

  9. Love that you can make something so mundane into something so useful and beautiful!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I made some of these today, so cute. Perfect for my Better Homes and Garden that I don;t want to part with.

  11. Adorable and cheap (frugal!) Love it!


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