My Massive Painting Project Recap

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Back in September/October I started following this blog called “The Nester” that my friend Brittany introduced me to. I quickly became addicted to this blog! The pictures of her home made me swoon! It was simply GORGEOUS! Like something straight out of a magaizine! 

I mean seriously….how GORGEOUS are these pics?!?!
If you have never seen or checked out this blog…please, do so…
Great Inspiration…..
The Nester blog is what inspired this whole massive re-painting project at my home…first, the living room, then the kitchen, then the kitchen cabinets, then the new kitchen table & chairs, and the new kitchen buffet! You name it, I’ve painted it in the last 3 months!
 I got this new furniture almost 2 years ago and fell in love with it! It was just a basic tan sofa & love seat which is what I wanted… something neutral. That way if 5 years down the road I get tired of it, I could just change out the throw pillows and could get a whole new look.
 But for now, the throw pillows are my favorite part. 
Do you notice something about the color scheme in these pillows?
Yep, very similar to the colors in the Nester’s home! 
Cue the 3 month painting project!!
So I was totally loving this color scheme and wanted to enhance the look by changing my wall color & window treatments. The only problem was that my living room opened up to my kitchen which was decorated in red & black and had more of a primitive theme.
I couldn’t paint one room without painting BOTH rooms….Sigh…..what a project this was going to be!
Here is a before shot of my living room before I got ready to start painting..I almost forgot to take this “Before” shot…as you can see, curtains were down, ladder was in place…I was ready to get started! You can see the fall decor on top of my armoire…that shows you how long ago this whole process began!
Another view of my living room from the front door. You can see a little bit into the kitchen and see a glimpse of my red/black decor. My whole goal…UNIFY these two spaces!

Here is a shot of my living room now…Ahhh I simply LOVE it! Yeah, still not as gorgeous as the Nester’s home, but hey, one step at a time, right?
View from the kitchen
I wanted to do one accent wall in the blue color, because the rest of the colors I chose were very neutral..
a cream & very light tan.
View from the hallway…yes, my tree is still up!
Oh yeah, another thing I painted…those frames…the chocolate brown frames just weren’t working on that blue wall! Still have to replace my Uppercase Living that was on this wall! Cue my friend Kasey..I know you are reading this post! 🙂

And I know I have already posted these pics of the kitchen, but its part of the whole painting project, so bare with me. And with as great as the kitchen turned out, the pics are worthy of a re-post don’t you think? If you are new to this blog and would like to see more on this kitchen remodel with before & after pics…you can click on this link….

No, I didn’t have to re-paint the cabinets, I could have left them the color they were, but I knew how pretty they would be if I did…Thanks to some help from my mom, it wasn’t too hard of a project.

I have gotten a new light fixture above my sink since these last pic & I must say…
I’m LOVING it! How adorable is this pendant light?
Still have to get a window treatment up on this window of course…..

Thank you to my dad (the handy-man) for hanging this fixture & helping 
with so many other project in this home!

And here is one last view of the dining area which then opens up to my living room..again, sorry about the Christmas decor…its STILL up!

So that is my massive painting project recap…hope you enjoyed!
Again, Thank you to The Nester for some great & beautiful inspiration!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas…
Wishing you & yours a very Happy New Year!
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  1. Beautiful transformations! I love that you didn’t have to do much or spend much $$ for a HUGE impact! Well done!

  2. I LOVE the blue color. We actually painted our living room and kitchen in a very similar color!! It’s been almost 2 years and I love it more each day!! It looks beautiful. Wonderful job! 🙂

  3. You did an amazing job! I love it all, especially the dining room – good for you!

  4. I think your crazy 3-month painting paid off for sure. It is looking so, so good.


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  8. Hi I love the blue paint color you used. Looking to do something similar in my living room. What is the name of the color?

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