My "Secret" To Delicious French Onion Soup

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Hey friends!

I have “secret” to share with you today!

It’s for a super easy, super delicious French Onion Soup….

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Can you keep a secret?!

This isn’t like most recipes that I’ve shared on the blog to date.

It doesn’t really have a list of ingredients per say….

Well, unless you consider an onion & water “ingredients.”

You see, this time of year I LOVE eating soup!

It’s warm, it’s yummy, & it’s just so comforting on those cool fall & winter nights!

So, one day while I was at Walmart, I stumbled upon this line of soups sitting on the shelf. They are the kind of soups that you buy in a bag and you pretty much just add water.

Shhhh!! I said….Don’t tell!! 

Well, we’ve tried most of the soups in this line & they are all good, but their French Onion Soup……it’s seriously DELICIOUS!!!

You just add 7 cups of water, chop up a large onion, & add in your soup mix. Then you cook it on the stove for about 25 minutes or until the onions are tender. That’s it….Voila….dinner is served!!

When it’s done, I like to pour the soup in a bowl, load the top of the bowl with croutons, & add a slice of provolone cheese to the top. Then I put it in the oven on broil for about 3-5 minutes to melt & brown the cheese just slightly.  This makes it look all fancy like….not to mention even more yummy! 🙂

I’m telling you….it’s better than any french onion soup that I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant!!

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You HAVE TO try it!! 

But remember….it’s our little secret, okay?! 😉

Do you have any “secret” recipes to share?! Leave them in the comments section below!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a lovely Wednesday!

Disclaimer: Cugino’s has no idea who I am. I was not paid to do this post. All opinions are my own! 🙂

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  1. Looks yummy! Can’t wait to try it!
    -Jennifer W.

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