Evolution Of Our Hallway Bathroom, Current Plans, & I Need Your Opinions!!

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Hey Y’all!
If you read my last post, then you heard about my latest project! I’m currently working on our hallway bathroom. This bathroom is the “main” bathroom of our home. It is used primarily by the kids, occasionally by my husband & I and always the bathroom of choice for our guests. 
Before things really get underway with this makeover, I wanted to take a minute & show you the room in its current state, especially since I’ve never really shared pictures of this space on the blog before!
 The picture quality is not going to be great do to the fact that there aren’t any windows in this room & therefore, no natural light. I apologize in advance! 

 This bathroom underwent a small makeover when we first moved in our home 7 years ago. It was kind of what I like to call a “hot mess” when we first took possession of the home. I wish I had pictures of it then, but I wasn’t blogging at that time & really never thought to take any! 
The vanity has always sat in the left hand corner of the room.  It was one of the first things we replaced when making over this room the first time around….. 
We purchased the vanity at Lowes. It was pretty inexpensive, I think around $200. And it may be hard to see the details in this pic, but the doors have beadboard on the inside of the panels, as well as in the area above the doors. 
Where the mirror/medicine cabinet currently sits, used to be a window. 
Kind of odd…wouldn’t you agree?! 
So where do you ask, was the mirror prior to our first makeover/remodel?!
Well, above the toilet of course!! Who does that?! 
Do you know how many times I went to get my toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet & drop it (or something else) in the toilet?! It was the most ridiculous set up I’ve ever seen!! So, now that we had the mirror in the correct spot (above the bathroom vanity), we decided to install a cabinet above the toilet which coordinates with the vanity to give us some additional storage in this small space! The cabinet mainly houses medications & other odds/ends. 
Once the window was removed from above the vanity, we of course had to come up with a solution for the wall. We were trying to DIY our way through this remodel & didn’t want to have to worry about hiring someone to do the drywall work. Although we were able to patch the wall where the window once was with drywall, we would have had to hire out the mud/tape portion of the job. Instead, my mom came up with the idea to put beadboard paneling up over the drywall…
The beadboard paneling coordinated well with the vanity & other bathroom cabinets, so it was a great solution to our problem! When my dad hung the beadboard, he put a piece of trim up where the two panels met. I’m planning on taking that trim piece down, caulking the seam, & painting over it this time around! I’m not a fan of how it sticks out! 
As far as my other plans for this makeover……..I plan on putting the beadboard wallpaper up on the sidewalls. 
The wall to the left when you walk in the door…..
And the wall to the right of the vanity….
I plan on adding the beadboard half way up the wall & painting it white to match the bathroom vanity. A chairrail will go above the beadboard to finish off the look.  
As for the decor, I’m planning on sticking with the current beachy theme we have going on….
I’m kinda partial to all the little accessories in this room, and I think that with the new beadboard wall treatment, it will refresh the room as a whole & bring new life to these items. 
I’m also planning on sticking with the current shower curtain for the time being……
I bought this shower curtain at Target about 5 years ago. I still love the colors in it & it goes well with the current accessories & beachy theme of the room. 
I’m also planning on staying with the current wall color…..above the beadboard wallpaper that is.
However, I mentioned in my post yesterday that one wall is giving me some trouble! 
And that is the beadboard wall behind the vanity. 
Now, this is where your opinions are important!!
 I need your help!
Do I leave the wall the aqua/blue color that it currently is, or do I paint the entire wall white to match the beadboard wallpaper?! Remember, the other walls will be half white/half aqua. 
I think the reason why I’m having trouble with this decision is due to the fact that the vanity isn’t centered on the wall! I’ve seen pictures where the mirror is kinda framed out with beadboard, but because it is offset to the left, I’m just not sure what to do! 
However, I’m leaning towards the all white option! 
I hope that gives you all a better understanding of what I have in mind for this space!
Those are my current plans….and like with anything else, they are always subject to change! 🙂
Let me know what you think about my “problem wall.”
I would love to hear your input in the comments section below!!
Have a great Thursday!! 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the colors of the bathroom! My suggestion would be to put up the beadboard, live with it coupla days and see how it feels. Things always feel different in real life vs. a photo. Good luck and let us know what you decide, I can’t wait to see the finished room!!

  2. Tonya,

    I do like the all white option! I think it would look clean and crisp! I have bead board in the guest bath and I painted the wall above it…..but I would have been happy with white, too!

    Your bathroom is so cute!


  3. Anonymous says:

    My initial thought is to leave the vanity wall the color it is…seems like painting it white would look too sterile as you walk in the room. I think the white beadboard wallpaper will look great on the other walls. I do agree with the first commenter to put the beadboard wallpaper up and live with it a few days before you decide for sure! Love the bathroom. Do you know what color the walls are? Perfect shade of aqua!

  4. Have you thought about possibly adding chairrail all around the room and painting the bottom white on all of it? I do love the idea of a solid wall of beadboard in white too. Good luck deciding and finishing it up. I look forward to seeing the finished bathroom. I’m working on my master bathroom with the same theme and am debating on the beadboard wallpaper too. I think it is such a beautiful look. Oh and I am adding a white ruffle along the bottom of my shower curtain for a little pop of white there. It would look cute on yours too and your mom could do it beautifully. Just a thought…good luck.

    • That’s what I was thinking too…that way the beadboard/chairrail would continue all the way around. (white all the way around the bottom)

      Good luck! I am sure it will look great!

    • The chairrail is already part of the game plan. It is going on the side walls to break up the beadboard & upper wall. The upper wall will stay the aqua color that it is, & the beadboard underneath will be white. I am wondering about the back wall (where the vanity sits.) I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about that! It already has beadboard from floor to ceiling from a our first makeover five years ago. Should I paint that whole wall white to coordinate with the rest of the beadboard?! Leave it aqua?!

  5. oh I hate having a cabinet above the toilet, I swear it’s like a vortex and ANYTHING that falls out goes right into the bowl… ugh!

  6. I am sure whichever way you go…it will look fantastic! I have never seen a project of yours I didn’t like! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  7. I was just about to say what Sheila said. I think maybe adding the chair rail all the way around the room and painting all of the bottom portion white might look great. The solid white wall might look good too. I would just play around with those 2 options and see which one you like best. Glad you are keeping your cute accessories. A little rearranging and it will feel like a new space. 🙂

  8. Im all over the white option as well.Looks great.

  9. i love the color of the walls, they make the accessories pop. I would do the chair rail and do white on bottom and keep the upper section the current color.

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