Maybe It’s Brunettes That Have More Fun?!

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Every Now & Then It Happens….

I get BORED with my hair!

So bored in fact,  that when I’m ready for a change, it’s usually a DRASTIC one! 
And really, when you think about it….it’s JUST HAIR,
Don’t like the color?! 
Color it again!
Go a little too short?! 
It’ll grow back!
I’ve never been afraid to get a little crazy when it comes to my hair!
If you follow along on my Facebook Fan Page, you might have seen me post this picture of Katie Holmes….

I absolutely adore Katie’s cut & color in this photo!!
 I think it’s so cute & so perfect on her face!

Since my hair was already short, I really didn’t want to go any shorter. I also couldn’t grow it long overnight! However, I knew I could get the change that I was wanting by going drastic with my hair color! I kept thinking about going dark, but had been blonde for so long now I needed a little extra push this time around!!

So, because I like hearing your guys’ opinions on things, I shared the above picture & asked for your input on Facebook….

“So I have a hair appointment today & I’m looking to make a change….a drastic one!! I keep going back to this picture of Katie Holmes! I seriously love this cut & her color! Am I crazy?!”

Most of you gave the thumbs up & told me to go for it, but some of you were partial to my blonde hair & advice against it. But those of you who told me to go for it, ultimately gave me the push I needed…..

My stylist gave me a dark, rich color that I adore & we even decided to cut my bangs to my my cut more like my inspiration picture. 
What do y’all think?!
Love it or Hate it?!
It took me a little while to get used to it, but I’m definitely happy with the change! I’m glad I went with my gut instinct & so happy I got the push I need from you all!! Thank you!!
If you follow me on Instagram….
 Well, then you’ve already seen numerous pictures of my new do & this post is 
My apologies…
When it comes to blogging, sometimes I’m just a few weeks behind!!

p.s. I know in some of the pics my hair looks red, in some it looks black. It really just depends on the lighting & what filter I use on Instagram! 

So when it comes to hair…
Are you DRASTIC like me or do you tend to go for a more SUBTLE approach?!
Wanna follow me on Instagram?!
You can find me at:

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!!
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  1. Wow, are you sure your the same person? I think brunette really suits you and the style really frames your face. I love having a new style and I’m lucky as my hairdresser loves trying out different things. Ali x

  2. Wow! You look gorgeous! Of course you look that way blonde or brunette, but the dark really pops your pretty eyes! Looks fabulous – move over Katie!

  3. I think you look stunning. I am a huge fan of changing up hair color. I’ve been brunette, redhead and a blonde back and forth for most of my adult life. Right now I’m sporting a dark blonde for summer.

    Great choice in going for it. You look great with both hair styles and colors. I just started following you on Instagram. I’m addicted to that little app.

  4. i adore it! your eyes just pop. you are so gorgeous anyhow though- you could shave it all off and still look amazing.

  5. Love the new color and new cut! I recently got a similar cut but a bit longer then your. Love it!

  6. Girl i love them both!! For me…it is whatever covers the ummmm… “platinum” that had begun!! 🙂

  7. Omg! You look so good with dark hair! It really brings out your eyes and facial features. It definately highlights rather then hides like the blonde did!

  8. Anonymous says:

    You look great! I have dark hair and always wanted to be blonde… Many years ago I went to a place in Murphysboro cakked “The Art of Hair” not sure if it is still there…. but ehy pu a nylin on your hair and took a pic then you pick out styles from a book and they tracsfer them to your picture… one of the styles I like was blonde and lets just say the blonde did not like me looked like I should have been on a corner! lol you are lucky to switch colors so well… love it! Ronnell

  9. Anonymous says:

    what does the back look like?

  10. Amazing!! Love it, Tonya — good for you for going for it!
    xo Heidi

  11. love it!! i too am a fan of changing it up…every time i go back dark, people say it makes my blue eyes pop! your eyes look so blue with the dark hair! too cute 🙂

  12. Found you through The House of Rose, love your blog!!! You are so creative! And I LOVE dark hair on you!! You look stunning!

  13. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It makes your face look thinner! Keep it! You look great!

  14. I think it looks beautiful…it must be nice to have any color look good on you…lucky you. I play it safe, but every now and then I go shorter (my hairs grows really fast).


  15. The color is awesome on you! Looks really good.

  16. You look amazing! The darker hair really makes your eyes look blueberry blue. The cute is extremely flattering.

    I love it.

  17. * cut
    it is cute tho

  18. I have to admit I was nervous reading this post but WOW!!!! You are one of those lucky people who looks amazing blonde or brunette!!!! I love the new cut and color. It looks so shiny and healthy too!! Good for you.

  19. I LOVE it! What a great change & you wear it so well!

  20. Love the brunette, I like the hair cut in your “about” picture. When I first met you at Haven I recognized you from your blog by your amazing hair.

    Your hair could be green and you would be beautiful!
    Living on the Bliss

  21. It looks great! That color really suits you!

  22. You can definitely rock it! Love this color on you, Tonya. (It highlights the color of your eyes!)

  23. The darker color makes your blue eyes really “pop.” I have very dark hair and used to wish I had blue eyes…I think it’s such a beautiful combination.
    The cut is VERY cute and flattering.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  24. Girl! You look younger and so hip! I always think dark hair with blue eyes is so stunning. It looks very natural too…like you were always a brunette. 🙂 So…are you having more fun?

  25. Love it! It is SO you!
    Keep it!!

  26. Either one looks great on you! Your blue eyes do show up even more with the dark hair. In some of the pictures, you resemble Sarah Richardson when she had short hair. Love it!

  27. I agree with everyone else…it looks great on you girl! I was so wrong about keeping it blonde! You know me…cautious cautious cautious. Glad you didn’t take my advice! Ha!

  28. I LOVE it! You are adorable both ways! Could you post a pic of how the back of your hair is cut? It looks like a great haircut!

  29. I absolutely loved your blonde hair, but you having it dark is SO gorgeous, too! You can work anything girl. 🙂

    I’m never really afraid to chop my hair and color it either! You said it perfectly… It’s just hair! It grows, you can dye it again, etc. etc. etc.!

    I’m LOVING your new hair lady! You look great!


  30. I love love love it!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! Very cute on you….I recently was brave and got a pixie, not super short…it is fun trying something new! Love your blog and your new cute do!! 🙂 Rachel Beal

  32. I like it dark. Buy you look beautiful either way.
    I too have no fear of hair dye ! hah
    I think I’ve been every color.
    My hubby is partial to brunette’s so I haven’t
    had much change lately but oh when I was single !

  33. Brunettes DO have more fun! I used to always go dramatic too, Go big or go home! But my husband likes it long and dark so it has been the same for quite a while. You have got me thinking though, maybe its time to go blonde again!
    I’m ready for something new!

  34. I’m sure your husband loves all the hair changes.

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