Going White….White Walled Rooms That Inspire

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Happy Monday Ya’ll!!
I hope you had a great weekend! 
If you’ve been reading along in the last couple of weeks, you know that my sister & her boyfriend bought a house, and that we’ve been busy with renovations!  I showed you pictures of her living room last Friday, & told you that her boyfriend had requested that the living room be painted “white.”
When my mom told me the news I was like…..
“Really?! White walls?! How boring!”
Then, the other day I was on Pinterest looking at a few of my boards & I realized that the majority of the living rooms I’ve pinned HAVE WHITE WALLS!!! 
Say what?! 
I know, right?!
I mean….I know that I LOVE a “bright & airy” space….
That I LOVE cottage style….
I know cottage style usually means incorporating a lot of white into the decor….
But white walls?! Would I really paint my walls white?! 
If you would have asked me last week, my answer would have probably been “No.”
But, after looking at my living room board more closely, I realized that I the rooms I’m drawn to the most, are rooms that look like this….

This is probably my FAVORITE living room space on my board. In fact, I have it set as my board cover! Notice that despite the white walls & even the white sheer curtain panels, that this room still has PLENTY of color to offer! Anyone who has looked at my home tour page, knows that I have a little love affair with color blue! I especially, love this shade of blue and all the pops of yellow in the space! The two colors compliment each other so well…don’t ya think?!

I also love this space…..

There is a slight contrast between the ceiling & far wall, but the wall with the fireplace is all white. Again, color is brought to space with the furniture & accessory pieces. I just love those two little chairs….the fabrics & the shape! Adorable! The wood flooring, wood fireplace mantel, & the centerpiece of branches on the coffee table, add warmth to the room.

Here is another example of a “white walled” living room space….

Notice the large pop of color in the room?!

It’s on the ceiling!! Genius!

And despite the white walls, I think this space has a really warm feel to it! Don’t you?! The furniture & all of the wood tones again, bring that needed warmth to the room, but they contrast well with the cool tones of the walls & ceiling!!

And don’t you just love the wood paneled walls & ceiling?!
They add so much character to the space!

Speaking of paneled walls & ceilings….

They really can make a plain white room interesting….wouldn’t you agree?! I love the board & batten treatment on the back wall & the white wood beams added to the already paneled ceiling!! Gorgeous!!

This room is another example….

And no one can say that this room is lacking color…..what a great use of accessories to bring loads of color into a space!

And this room….

OH.MY.WORD! I LOVE everything about this room…..and again, we have WHITE WALLS!! But, look at all the architectural details…..

The molding…
That gorgeous staircase….
The built-in bookshelves….
No one can look at this space & define it as “boring.” 

Can you guess what else draws me to this space?!
Yep….all of the BLUE!! 🙂

There are a couple of my favorite bloggers who have “white walled” rooms as well….

The Nester, recently went white in her home & I just love the way it turned out….

I have always been a fan of The Nester’s style! Her home was the one who inspired me my massive painting project that went down back when this blog first started. It was one of the first posts that I wrote, you can read it HERE.

And Shaunna, from Perfectly Imperfect, has white walls in most of her home as well….

GAH!!! Don’t you just LOVE her dining room?!

I absolutely adore Shaunna’s style. She recently wrote a great post on how her style change from “dark & drab to light & bright” and shared her tips to “lighten & brighten” your home!  If you find yourself being drawn to rooms like these, it is definitely a great read. Check it out HERE.

So….whatdaya know?! Maybe white walls aren’t so boring after all!

What about you…..

Do you love a bright & airy space?!

Would you ever go white?!  Do Tell!! 

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  1. loooove all of the inspiration pictures – and I’m loving white walls too!!!

  2. Beautiful, the House-beautiful.com perfect combinations Thanks very much¡¡¡

  3. I’m a total white convert too. I think I’m going to go white on the walls in the office. And then it might spread to other rooms. Gorgeous inspiration in this post.

  4. If done right … with pops of color I am all for white walls.

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