What I Wore….Coral meets Navy

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Happy Hump Day!!
It seems like it’s been FOR-EV-A since I did a WIWW post, but since I have been adding a few things to my spring wardrobe, I thought I would do a post this week & link up with The Pleated Poppy! πŸ™‚
Have you all made the leap into colored denim this Spring?!
I have been drooling over all the colored denim I’ve been seeing in the stores & also on Pinterest for a couple months now! However, I have been doubting whether or not I could actually pull them off!Β  I’ve been especially drawn toward the coral denim, so for the last few weeks I have been looking to purchase a pair! I did struggle finding a fit that I like, but last week I got lucky & found a pair at TJ Maxx for just $24.99!Not only did they fit well, but they were still really comfortable…..
I decided it was time to take the plunge!!

After finding a fit that I liked, the next thing I had to do was figure out what I was gonna wear with them!! While searching through my closet, I came to the conclusion that it’s best not to be too “matchy-matchy” with them. They actually look best with an opposite colored top (particularly navy blue) and it’s best to go with just a simple pattern in the top or no pattern at all!
So far, these are the looks that I am diggin’ the most….
(p.s. if my hair looks a little crazy, it’s because it was just a tid bit windy while my hubby was taking these pics for me! )
Β White Tee: Target
Coral Pants: TJ Maxx
Scarf: Maurices
I also added a denim jacket to this look just to add another dimension to this outfit. I like layering, especially this time of year since the weather is a little crazy!! All in all, I’m loving the denim with these pants!
Denim Jacket: Kohls
I found this top at JcPenney last week for just $10.00. I’m also liking it paired up with my new coral pants!
Just by changing the blouse, I’ve gone from casual to a dressier look!
Navy Blouse: JcPenney
White Tank: Wet Seal
Coral Pants: TJ Maxx
And last, but not least….one more casual look by adding this simple knit navy & white striped top
Navy & White Striped Top: Old Navy
White Tank: Wet Seal
Coral Pants: TJ Maxx
Necklace: The Shine Project

p.s. Wouldn’t one of those rosette necklaces in coral look great with that last outfit?!
Gotta get me another! πŸ™‚

I wore these nude wedges I found at Payless recently for just $26.99 with all three of these outfits. I love that they are neutral & go with just about anything!! I also think these pants would also look great with a pair of cute flats, a wedge sandal, or even a cute pair of heels if you really wanted to dressed them up!!
Payless also has a pair of nude heels that I have my eye on for a couple weeks now!!
They just might have to be my next purchase! πŸ™‚

As always, thanks for stopping by!!

For more wardrobe inspiration you can check out and/or follow My Style Pinboard on Pinterest! You can also head on over to the Pleated Poppy & check out all of the other great outfits & styles linked up!!!
pleated poppy

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  1. You are most adorable! Enjoying your blog… have a blessed day!

  2. Yes! The navy and coral are perfection — cute outfits, Tonya. And on a dime? You are WOMAN!
    xo Heidi

  3. All of these combos are great and look wonderful on you!

  4. Adorable outfits, love the red skinny jeans and the scarf. Both great looks:)

  5. oh, you’re so cute. i need to take the plunge and get some colored denim too. they’re all great, but i love the navy and white striped sweater with the coral. i must find those wedges.

  6. Cute idea to show all the different ways you can wear these pants. The coral is gorgeous!

    I love them all!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. You are too cute! Love your haircut too!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Way to go girl! Your outfit looks amazing! Im with you I am a little scared to try the colored denim, but I think you have convinced me now. I do have another comment though, to you and your friends WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PEOPLE DOIN UP SOOO EARLY DO YOU GUYS EVER SLEEP? LOL Just askin

    Love you much


  9. you are adorable! i love outfit number two on you! so cute!

  10. Very fun! You look adorable as usual too… πŸ™‚

  11. Love the blue blouse! your hair is super cute too!!

  12. You look stunning! I love Coral so much too, also turquoise. have a great day, Sally xx

  13. your color combo is great in so many ways!!! stopping by from WIWW

  14. Anonymous says:

    You look cute as usual!!! I am a lucky mom to have two daughters that are so beautiful (on the inside as well as on the outside.) Especially on the inside!!! To be totally beautiful, you have to be beautiful on the inside!! love you and your sister very much!!


  15. I love every single outfit with the colored jeans. I haven’t been brave enough to try them yet, but I may just have to after seeing your outfits.

  16. Absolutely adorable!!! I love that you found great stylish pieces at bargain prices!! That is my kind of style πŸ™‚ you look amazing mama!

  17. I love your outfits and different options. Your hair is Amazing! I too have a bob cut, but having a hard time finding a right stylist.

  18. So so cute!!! I love those colored jeans girl!
    Have a great week!

  19. Um….I think we are hair twins! πŸ˜‰

    Great outfits! Love the coral and navy! I need to spruce up my spring wardrobe in a bad way!!!!

    New reader to your blog! It’s wonderful!

  20. I am hopping over here from The Pleated Poppy WIWW. I LOVE your hair!!!! SUPER cute! I REALLY want to get a pair of colored jeans…i see the everywhere but i’m sort of afraid. After all these cute posts I think i’m going to just go for it!!!

  21. I love all your outfits — those coral skinnies look fantastic! I’ve been considering a pair of colored skinny jeans as well but I’ve held back because I have no idea what to pair them with. But you may have just inspired me to go for it! Thanks for stopping by my blog! πŸ™‚

  22. I just found your blog while perusing the Pleated Poppy’s link up. You are one beautiful lady! Love the coral + navy combo – it looks so great!

  23. Love the shoes, you are adorable in all the outfits. Ok..I have to ask, do you curl your hair or just blow it dry like that? I have some thick hair and I am contemplating cutting it like this again. Thanks a bunch for the info.

  24. you’re so stinkin cute!!

    I am loving your pants…haven’t found a great deal on colored jeans yet, so that’s the only reason I’m holding off right now…but I’m totally getting some when I find the right price!! πŸ™‚

    I LOVE your first & third outfits!!

  25. Love that color combo! Looks so great on you!

  26. Love all the outfits! Thanks for doing all of my shopping for me already! Ha!!

    The pants are adorable, I really need to buy myself a pair.

    Take care!

  27. All of these combos are great and look wonderful on you!

  28. Love the way you mixed and matched! Lovely outfits!



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