Coral Meets Navy…..Home Decor

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 Hey Everyone!!

I hope you all are having a great week!!

Last week, I talked about mixing navy & coral in my wardrobe, so today I thought I would take that color combination & talk about incorporating it into your home!!


When you see this color combination is it something you only envision wearing,  OR could you see yourself working this bold & bright color combo into design style?!

Would you be daring enough to paint an entire wall navy…… your living room?! 


My personal taste in home decor tends to be on the “light & airy” side of things, so painting an entire wall navy is not necessarily something I hate, but definitely not something I could see myself doing in my own home. I do like how the dark wall in this room is offset with the bright white curtain panels, the white couches, & the white fireplace. Then the pops of coral come into play in all of the accessories….throw pillows, flowers, etc.

This room however, does appeal to me quite a bit more……

What’s the difference?!

 In this room, the walls are primarily painted white, with the exception of the wall behind the bed. Even though it has be stenciled with a navy pattern, the white still shows through quite a bit & the rest of the walls in the room are solid white. In this room the curtains & accessories are navy and coral! The white walls & white bedding make my “light & airy” heart go pitter patter!

And don’t even get me started on that upholstered headboard…..GORGEOUS!!!

When it comes to painting the walls coral…..


Well, I’m not sure about that either….

But, I have to admit, I AM kinda digging this office/studio! Again, I’m not sure it would be something I would do in my own home, but this room is cute! I’m definitely loving that little sofa, the adorable white desk & office chair, & for sure that perfectly put together gallery wall!! It totally speaks to my Type A personality with its coordinating frames & mattes….not mention its beautiful clean (perfectly straight) lines!!

In exploring this color combination, I have found that I am definitely more drawn to the primarily white rooms with the pops of navy & coral in the means of throw pillows and other accessories as seen in these pictures….


Because I am so partial to blue….
(what?! you didn’t know this about me?! where have you been?!)

These rooms are MUCH MORE appealing to me and definitely rooms I could see in my own home.


Okay….I’m totally LOVING this bedroom!!!
The blue walls, the coral upholstered headboard, the white bedding, and
those adorable little stools at the end of the bed….DREAMY!! 

Just by switching from a dark navy to a light blue changes the entire feel & look of the space….


Yeah, I’m totally diggin’ the BLUE & coral color combo!!

This last room is my absolute FAVORITE!!!


I first saw this space on Shaunna’s blog a week or so ago….she is taking part in the Color My World Challenge & starting to incorporate some coral into her own home. If you haven’t ever check out Shaunna’s blog….you should totally check it out!!
She is AMAZING!! 

Anyway, this room, (again in my opinion) is perfect in every way! I especially LOVE the light blue, paneled walls and that amazing chandelier! This room has that cool feel, but also brings in warmth with the rug & all of the wood tones in the furniture pieces.

So in terms of NAVY & coral….
Yeah, I’m all about rockin’ it in my wardrobe….

But when it comes to my home….
I am much more likely to keep my BLUE & just add in the pops of coral!

So what about you?!

What color combo do you prefer?!
I would LOVE to hear your opinion!!

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  1. I am with you on the lighter blue!! I also like light and airy!! Lovely post, thank you

  2. i’ve been thinking about navy and coral in our office, but with white walls. i have several of these pinned, but am loving the extra inspiration.

  3. Thanks for a great post on wall paint. I found this post while surfing the web for Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. definitely a winning combo! 🙂

  5. Oh goodness- lovely. I am now obsessed with this color combo! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Oh, I love this! I’m doing the colors of the bedroom in my room right now – no navy, but the lighter blue with the orange/color and grey….so loving it! But I can’t do the white on the bed. My kids and I would ruin it! I’m staring at paint colors right now for the accent pieces! Your dresser redo inspired me to do my bedroom! 🙂

  7. Love this post. I am in the process of painting my entire living and dining room a deep navy blue and I LOVE IT! It is my favorite color and so I am not doing it because it is trending. I hope my room turns out to look like a navy blue blazer over a blue oxford shirt. 🙂 Great post!

  8. These rooms are stunning! I like the last room too! Have a gorgeous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  9. Love navy and coral together! I could totally picture the room with the dark navy wall in my house! Gorgeous rooms!

  10. Lovely inspiration. Love the last few with the light blue and coral velvet – so fresh and pretty but cozy, too.

  11. Our living room walls are a light Navy and the trim is all bright white. Instead of coral we have both dark green and lime green. I’d send you a pic but we’re not finished yet. I love the colors 🙂

  12. wow I love the pop of color the coral and navy. So cute! I just love decorations and beautiful fun accessories! Those pics are fabulous!

  13. I do love the navy and could probably even would incorporate a navy wall or even sofa in my home. But, like you, the last room is my favorite for all the reasons you mentioned…I love a mix of warm with cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  14. I ♥ all of your decor. Everything is gorgeous! 🙂

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  15. Every homeowner should not be afraid to experiment with color. Good job!

  16. What a wonderful piece of information Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. Thumbs up!


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