Last Minute Teacher’s Christmas Gifts…..

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Hey Friends!
I wanted to share with you the quick & easy project I did for Parker’s teachers this year for Christmas…..
I started with two old formula can I had leftover from when Griffin was a baby. I have a whole stash of these things in our garage! I used a couple in the spring to make end of the school year gifts for Parker’s teachers last year as well. You can view that tutorial here.
I picked up scrapbook paper & embellishments from Walmart. The paper came in a 5-pack for 97 cents & the embellishments were the same price.
First, I washed out the formula cans & removed the labels. I then used the label as a guide so that I could cut the scrapbook paper to fit the can properly.
I used a combination of Mod Podge & tape to seal the scrapbook paper to the can….
I then had my hubby take a nail & poke holes in each side of the can….
Then I put ribbon through both holes & knotted it to create my handle for the can….
I hot glued the embellishments to the can to make it a bit more decorative…..
And then filled the can with tissue paper, baked goodies, & a little travel size
lotion from Bath & Body Works.
The baked goodies included the chocolate dipped peanut butter pretzel bites  that I blogged about this past weekend. They are DELISH!!! If you missed the recipe, you can check it out here.
So there you have it!
Quick, easy, & cheap do-it-yourself gifts that you can make for your
son or daughter’s teachers this year!!
And if you have already taken care of Christmas gifts for your child’s teacher, these gifts could definitely be re-created for other holidays as well. All you would have to do is just switch out your scrapbook paper, ribbon, & embellishments to match the holiday you are giving for & fill it with treats!
Hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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