Board/Batten Gallery Wall in the Living Room

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So I kinda decided spur of the moment one day that I wanted to add some
board & batten to my living room…
I mean, I have always wanted it in our living room, but always kinda thought that it wasn’t going to happen or that I might as well not even bother asking my husband because he isn’t going to want to put
it up for me anyway…you know what I mean ladies?! We’ve all been there, right?!
Then I saw this beautiful board & batten wall & I just couldn’t get it off my brain…
So one night, I just kinda mentioned it & the hubby surprisingly said “Let’s Do It!”
Those words were music to my ears!!!
So after a trip to Lowe’s, a little elbow grease, & some paint/primer later, my living room wall went from looking like this….
(This pic was taken almost a year ago…hints the Christmas Decor!)
To This….
 Hello crisp, clean, white, beautiful wall!!
You’re looking quite lovely….
I also love the addition of the gallery wall above the board & batten! I had just a few pictures above the couch before & have always wanted to add more, I just have never gotten around to it! The gallery wall is made up of frames that I already had on hand. I just gave them all a crisp coat of white paint to go nicely with the board & batten….
The pictures are all snapshots that I have taken of the boys over the past few months with the exception of our family picture in the center. The vinyl on the wall is from Uppercase Living.
And because we loved the way this wall turned out, we decided to carry out the board & batten throughout the rest of the room as well…
Here is the before…
 (Again, the best pic I had on hand…sorry!)
And the after….


This is a full view as you come in our front door….

The wall to the left is going to be the next victim of my board & batten obsession! If you follow that wall to the left, you will end up going down our hallway which also will have the board & batten throughout.
Now, my question to you is…do I carry it into the kitchen as well?!
This would be the wall that I am talking about….
I think it would look really pretty behind my buffet, but hanging the mirror is going to be an issue. I could turn it to were it hangs horizontal, but I will probably have to hang it higher which means I will end up losing my new vinyl above it which I love! I guess, I could always order another one! Uggh!
There are a few more changes that I want to make to the living room as well now that I have all of this added white to the decor….but I will save that for another post!!!
So what do you think?!
Love it or Hate it?!
Thoughts or suggestions about the kitchen wall & my dilemma there?!
Talk to me ladies!!
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  1. came from TDC – love how much brighter the room is! Pinning your gallery wall! Love how they are just everyday pictures you took and making them all B&W is a great choice!

  2. Can you please tell us what paint color you used to paint your dining table and chairs? I am about to do board and batten on our main living room wall, and I think yours is the BEST I have seen, love it!!!!! I have a similar color scheme and have been thinking about painting my table and chairs, yours look cream, not white? is it? thank you!! Carrie- cbrowning (at) nefcom (dot) net

  3. I love it! Could you please tell me what your wall paint color is and what color you used for the board and batten?


  4. I also love your wall color & was wondering what it is? We are buying our first home & have never gotten to choose colors before, stressful & fun! = )

  5. what are the measurements of the board & batten boxes? high and low. Height and width. Thx

  6. Can you tell me the wall color that you used? Thanks.

  7. what size frames are they

  8. says:

    how expensive was this to do?love the idea! and how diffifuclt? would love a tutorial shown! 🙂

  9. Love it! On a scale from easy to difficult, how hard was it? Were you guys able to bang it out in one night? (is bang it out an appropriate use of terminology?) 🙂

  10. I love it! I’m curious on where did you get your curtains? Thanks!

  11. Charla Davis says:

    Hi there! I love the pic lay out and would like to do something similar for our family room. What are the sizes on the frames?

  12. Christina says:

    I would love that on all my walls!! Do it!!

  13. In answer to your question about taking the board & batten into the kitchen, I’d say YES! And the mirror? I would put a block behind it (at the top only) just the depth of the b&b so that you could hang it in the same spot. The block would even it up with the b&b below. Does that make sense? Then you wouldn’t have to give up your new vinyl.

  14. Hello there

    I’m very new to blog world, and came across your fb page a little bit ago. I just took a tour of your home and think you have done an amazing job. I have always loved the trim work look you added to your home. But being a renter (military fam) it’s typically out of the question… Anyways, I would love it if you would hop over to my blog (major kinks and construction and we r living temporarily in a hotel because it’s pcs season), check mine out and follow? Thanks in advance!
    Heather aka Hj Dueweke


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