Working on Landscaping in the Backyard…

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Hey Ya’ll!! How the heck are ya?!
I feel like its been FOREVER since I’ve been back on the old blog!!
I’ve just been a little busy celebrating this handsome little boy’s birthday…
Poor kid actually spiked 102 fever on his birthday…that’s why he seems a little less than enthused in this pic!!
He was feeling just a little under the weather!! We had a small party with family only that night & then this past Saturday we had another party with all of his friends from church!! He was feeling much better by then & all in all his 4th birthday was a success!! I still can’t believe he is four!!
Now that all of the partying is over, maybe I can get back to blogging again!!
I wanted to share with you a project we did a couple of weekends ago…
 I finally decided to tackle the job that I had been dreading for weeks….
Our back flowerbed!!!
It’s huge & had more problems than I had the energy to deal with…
So, after a little pep talk with myself and a few cups of coffee…I decided to get to work!!!
First up on the list was to dig up these 3 bushes that have been bothering me for the last two summers…
I have no idea what these bushes are, I just know they grow REALLY fast, they have roots like you wouldn’t believe, and they attract bees like CRAZY!!! With the boys playing in the backyard, I knew it was time to get rid of them!! So I had my hubby dig them up!!
The second problem that needed to be tackled was the weed situation!!
And I do mean SITUATION… 
I mean really, have you ever seen so many weeds in your life?! It was just a bit ridiculous!!
So after the bushes were dug up, I went to work pulling and pulling and PULLING !!!
The last thing I wanted to do was remove the old rose bush at the corner of the flowerbed…
Yes, when its all bloomed out its pretty, but it only stays that way for a few weeks & then it looks crappy for the rest of the season! It also has no shape! I think its actually supposed to be a climbing rose bush, but since it has nothing to climb, so I decided to dig it up!!!
This is what it all looked like after all of the “problems” had been removed…
Much better, right?!
After taking a few days off to recover…
It was time to plant all of the new stuff!!
One of my favorite additions to the landscaping were these Rose Glow Barberry bushes…

They added a pop of much need color to the flowerbed…
Don’t you just LOVE that little touch of pink within the leaves?!
So pretty!!
I also added these purple pentas to the line-up….

I’ve never even heard of this annual before, but stumbled across it in the garden center at Walmart & fell in love!! I’m hoping that it does well in its new home & from what I’ve read about it…its supposed to attract butterflies!!
 Much better than bees!!
I also made a trip out to our favorite greenhouse here in our hometown to get some more vincas & picked up three of these beautiful hanging baskets to bring in even more color to our backyard space!!
Aren’t they just gorgeous?!
So here is what it looks like after all the planting was done…

What do you think?!
I think it is a huge improvement from where we started!!
Now I just have to talk to hubby into getting a truckload of mulch brought in!!
And just so we can get a better idea of how much work was done…
Let’s see a before & after!!

 Now that’s what I’m talking about!!
I can’t wait to see this space as the summer progress & the plants & flowers get more mature!!
I will post more pics when my flowers get a little bit bigger!!
I hope that you’ll come back & check it out!!
So what have you all been working on lately?
I would love to hear about it!!
Happy Monday Everyone!
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