Happy Birthday Parker!!

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I can not believe that my son is FOUR years old today!!
I took these pictures of him just a little over a week ago at the local train depot…
He had such a great time exploring the old train cars & I had a blast taking his picture!!
He looks like such a little man in these photos…It hard to believe he is getting sooo big!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!
Words cannot express how much I love you!!
Thank you so much for….
Making me smile EVERYDAY.
Being my little helper NO MATTER what it is I’m doing.
ALWAYS cuddling with me when I ask you to.
Being such a FANTASTIC big brother.
Always LOVING ME….even on my bad days!!
You are such a sweet child ,with such a kind heart ,and I am soo proud of the little man you are becoming!!
There is no greater gift in this world than being able to be your mom!! I’m so proud of you & I thank God everyday for blessing our family with such a happy & healthy little boy!
(Excuse me while I go grab a kleenex…sniff,sniff)
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