Manual Mode…Photography Skills Part 2

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You didn’t think I could have a photo shoot with my youngest (if you missed it click here) without sneeking in
 some pics of my oldest too did ya?
 He’s equally as handsome…wouldn’t you say?!
I took these pics today…. 
Can’t believe this little boy is going to be 4 in just a couple weeks….

 How can that be?!
Time certainly does fly…
Anyway, back to the photography thing…
 These pics were also taken in manual mode…
Could it be that I just might be getting the hang of it?!
Probably not…
Maybe I’m getting close though 🙂
 Turns out the best place for photo opportunities in our house is right in front of our sliding glass
 door in the kitchen about mid afternoon…
 The lighting is just perfect!!!
 I {LOVE} how it reflects off his pretty little eyes…
And that smile is pretty cute too!!
I might just a little bias 🙂
What do you think?
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