My New Craigslist Find…

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Hey Everyone!!
Hope your Monday is off to a great start!! 
The weather here is BEAUTIFUL today! 
It almost feels like spring!! 🙂
I am so thankful for the mild winter we have had thus far in Southern Illinois! Other than just a light dusting, we have had zero snow. And although there have been some cold days, I almost feel like the warm days have out numbered the cold! Very strange, considering it’s January, but I’m definitely not complaining!!
I wanted to share some pictures of my latest Craigslist find with you guys today! I’m planning on sanding it down within the next couple of days & putting a coat of primer on, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I might get it painted this weekend! We shall see!! 
Anyway, here she is….
 Isn’t she CUTE?!
Let me just tell you….
I have been stalking Craig & HIS LIST trying to find a dresser to go on this wall in my living room FOR-EVA!! And finally, I found one!! 
The best part about it….I only paid $50.00 for it!!! 
One thing that I have learned about Craigslist….
You can find what you are looking for & at the price you wanna pay, if you are just PATIENT!

And believe me folks, patience is not my virtue! 

However, being CHEAP is!
So, I was willing to hold out for a while & I am SO glad I did!!
I was thinking originally, that I would have to paint the dresser & change out the hardware, but now that I have had it a couple of weeks, I’m really thinking these little round knobs that are on it,
happen to be really cute!!
Therefore, I am probably going to use them afterall, but I may have to give them a couple coats of 
spray paint to get them the color I want them.
These knobs….
Not so much! 
I will definitely be changing these out!
You can see that the dresser does have some imperfections….
A few scratches here & there
But, she definitely has good bones! She also happens to be REAL wood! All of the drawers slide in & out easily as well, so I think once I’m finished, she is going to be beautiful!!
Have you bought anything off a Craigslist in the past or recently?!
Has your experience been good or bad?
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