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Hi Everyone! I’m Brooke from Bnfunky.
First, let me start off by saying how honored I am to guest blog for Tonya today!!! I am an avid follower of her blog, and this is my first guest post! Tonya is actually the first blog that I started reading on a daily basis! My mom was on the internet one night and told me that I had to check out this amazing woman’s blog. Well, months later…I am still reading every time Tonya posts something new!! Don’t you just love her? I love that she is so positive and encouraging on here all the time.
I actually posted this on my blog a few months back, but I think that this will touch someone today, and I felt like God called me to share it again 🙂
“‘For even if the mountains walk away,
And the hills fall to pieces,
My love won’t walk away from you,
My covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart.
The God who has compassion on you says so.” (The Message)
This verse does something special for me. It reminds me that no matter what I’m going through, which is usually a COMPLETE MINOR…God LOVES me. He cares for me. He won’t ever walk away. When I feel like everything is falling apart, He is holding it all together. When I am tired, He is ready to help me rest. When I’m down, He understands and has complete and utter compassion towards me (even though it is undeserved). How sweet is this truth? There’s really nothing more that I need to meditate on when I’m down. When I start concentrating on this for a few moments, I instantly feel the weight melt right off my shoulders.
I want to share a sweet story with y’all really quick. A few months ago, my mother-in-law “randomly” sent me this verse. I actually didn’t have a chance to read it, so I quickly searched the reference and printed the verse out at work. I left work a little early that day and never thought about it again.
 Later, my brother who also worked with me at the time, posted a picture of this bible verse on Twitter. It was a picture of a piece of paper with the verse sitting on the printer waiting for him at work. He had printed something when he got there and when he went to go grab his paper off of the printer, this verse was sitting there waiting for him instead..it was almost as if it were a direct gift that God left sitting there for him!
How cool is that?
God used my mother-in-law, who was trying to encourage me, to also encourage my brother. I DID NOT purposely leave this verse on the printer!!! I love the way God works. My brother was having a bad day that day, and He needed to hear this. When I saw  it on Twitter, I immediately fell in love with this verse and the cool way that Trey and I both found out about it!
 I hope this uplifts one of you today. I know our day to day life can get a little mundane with jobs, school, caretaking, grocery shopping, to-do lists, trying to balance a social life, hobbies, etc. Life can get nuts! Whenever it does, please cling to this verse and just take a deep breath. It’s amazing what the word of God can do to our anxious minds if we allow it to!
This is the actual copy of what I left on the printer
Isaiah 54:10 (NIV)
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