Mommy’s Day Out & Board & Batten Started!

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I just want to start off by saying thank you so much for all of your sweet comments regarding my last post! It was so nice to hear from other mommies/wives/women out there & learn that I am not alone!! You all are just as sick of stuff as I am! I just want you to know how much I appreciate all of your feedback & encouragment!
I also want to give props to my mom & dad!!
Have I ever told you what a wonderful parents I have!?! 
They are always there for me to pick me up when I am down! I truly do not know what I would do without them! I know so many couples our age with children who don’t have any family around to help them out….can I just say I don’t know how they do it!! I lean on my parents all the time to help me out with the kiddos & they are always there…happy to help! They are my lifesavers!! 
After my mental breakdown mild episode last week, my mom decided that it would be good for me to have a day off once a week…
A whole day to myself weekly?!?
Are you serious!?! 
She offered to take the kids a full day each week to let me get out of the house & shop, work in the yard/on the house, or even take a nap if I want to! (I told you she was wonderful!) At first, I felt guilty…afterall, this is what I signed up for when I asked my hubby to let me quit work…to spend each & everyday home with my kids, right?
Then I realized…I DO deserve a day off every now & then! 
Lets face it ladies…WE ALL DO!!
So today….
I had my first day off!!!
This is me (see how happy I am) in my car ALL BY MYSELF!!!
Can I just tell you what a wonderful day I had…
I went shopping at all of my favorite stores without any distractions! It was so nice just to take my time & look at anything & everything I wanted! It was also sooo much easiser to try on clothes!!
I took a break from shopping to grab some lunch at Panera. I enjoyed a salad & sodie on the patio while soaking up some sun…so nice, so quiet, so peaceful!!!
After a little more shopping, I came home, changed clothes, and went for a walk in our neighborhood. The weather was absolutely beautiful!
 It was the perfect day!!
Mom & Dad….
Thank you so much for my day off!! I thoroughly enjoyed it & I definitely feel refreshed!!
 And I get to do it again next week?!?
Now I want to show you what the hubby & I worked on this weekend…
These are a couple before shots of my laundry room…

A little messy…don’t judge…its a laundry room!!
See that area directly to the left…
It houses my air conditioner/furnace & water heater. I really wish it was hidden in a little closet, but its not! Anybody have any ideas on how I can hide it?
A curtain or something?!?
What do you think?

I will be re-using this shelf, but probably changing out most of the accessories on it! If anybody is interested in any of those metal signs…let me know!!
After moving most everything out, this is what it looks like now….
That’s right…the B&B is up baby!!!
Squeal!! So excited!!

I also tore the wallpaper border down…
Pay no attention to the few stubborn pieces left up there!

I WILL get them down!!
Now I just have to get busy painting!
You can see from the pics that I am doing a faux B&B (no board), but I have seen many rooms done this way & I think it looks just fine…so I’m going with it!!
After priming & painting the B&B, I will also be re-painting the wall above.
I think I am going with some shade of green…
(hmmm…decisions, decisions…)
So…that’s what I will be working on this week!
I will post more pics as I make further progress!!
Can’t wait for the big reveal!! 🙂
Have a great week everyone!!
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