New Etsy Shop Listings…

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Just wanted to do a quick post & let you know about some listings in our Etsy Shop…
The first one is similar to to other styles previously listed but in a
Black & White Polka Dot with a White Flower Rosette…

Love me some polka dots!!
These flower pillows are a new item to the shop…

So cute, right?
Doesn’t my mom do great work!?!
Right now, these pillows are available in the 3 colors you see above…
( mustard yellow, creamy yellow, & light plum)
 I think this style is my new favorite!!
We are not taking any custom orders at this time, but are open to suggestions to new colors!
So, what colors would you like to see in the shop?
If you see something you love, stop on by our shop today!!
Go ahead….you deserve it! 🙂
Click Here to Start Shopping!
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