We’re Back!!

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I am happy to say that we are home from our Disney adventure in Orlando! It was a fun, but super stressful trip! I knew taking a 6 month old to Disney World probably wasn’t the smartest decision on my part, but seeing as how I was just away from both kiddos a month ago while we were in Cancun, I just wasn’t ready to be away from him again!
And so…he came with us!

See what I mean…he’s cute, right?!?

Hard to leave him behind!

Yes, the 14 hour car ride wasn’t easy & dragging him all through Disney World wasn’t the easiest either, but we made some memories!!

 Parker had a blast & got to meet & get his
 picture taken with a lot of Disney Characters!

He was in Heaven!!

Here are a few more pics from our trip…

I will be doing a more thorough post on Disney World on our family blog later this week….
 if you are interested feel free to stop by & leave me a comment to let me know you did! 🙂
On a side note…..
my blogging career almost came to a screeching hault while on vacation!!!
Our first night in the Magic Kingdom…
Thank God for kind and honest people…
someone turned it in to the Lost & Found!!!
No camera = No pictures=No blogging=
That is serious business people!!!
(you other bloggers know what I’m talking about!)
I am sooo glad to be home and I am looking forward to getting back to making regular posts on this blog!!
I know my mom has some new items to list in her Etsy Shop this week, so stay tuned for those!!
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Please & Thank You!!!
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