Stop & Smell The Roses….Week 12

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Hey Everyone!!!
It’s Wednesday & time for another edition of…..

Stop and Smell the Roses

There are LOTS of things making me smile this week….
Wanna know what they are?!
Check out my video! 


What’s making you smile this week?! 


Here are the links to all the features I talked about in this video……

Home Stories A to Z

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Tatertots & Jello

Emily’s video

My posts…..just in case you missed them!
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Thanks for stopping by!!!

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  1. Heck yeah!! I’m super excited for all of your new blog traffic and features! And as always, you look gorgeous! :)

  2. Holy smokes that is some seriously crazy blog traffic!!! Yippie! And wow that is a lot of repinning going on!

  3. Tonya!!! Your blog has gone viral- congratulations!! I love what you are doing and I’m so excited for all of these fun things happening on your little slice of the internet. Also? I want a slice of the Millionaire Pie. :)

  4. Congratz on all the fun stuff happening for you this week! I saw your pin floating around Pinterest and totally smiled! Have a great rest of your week!

  5. All of the traffic you have been getting is great! Congrats!

  6. I love love love that your blog is blowing up this month! You deserve it girl! Will you see if grams will make me some pie? :)

  7. So happy for you sweetie! You deserve all the love and attention, you are one of my favorite bloggers. Glad to see you doing so well!

  8. You totally deserve the new traffic! You’re seriously the SWEETEST! I’m so happy for you this week! :)

  9. so exciting about all the amazing blog traffic! congratulations! that is just an insane amount of pins! but the pie does look delicious!

  10. I’m very happy for you! How exciting to have so much action and varying kinds. That’s just a crazy amount of repins…incredible. Again, I’m just thrilled for you. Thanks for sharing…stories like this are very encouraging.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  11. So glad you got away with the hubby, Oh how I need one of those weekends :)
    So happy you enjoyed the feature, you are too kind to mention me.
    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

  12. That’s great that you and your husband had a chance to have some uninterrupted time together! Congrats on all of your blog traffic! Love your blog!

  13. O.M.G. You have had such a full and blessed week! I have to say I am totally J of your trip to Chicago. My BFF lives in Chicago and I hardly ever get to see her. I need to go ahead and pencil in a trip soon. PS I am (almost) always late to the party. I am so bad about waiting until I get home from work on Wednesday to post my video and not posting comments till Friday (like I am doing now).

  14. That is SOOOO crazy! That is my pin repinned and repinned and repinned wi(th the description I added!) I’m so thrilled that it has spread soooooo very much! yay!

  15. that’s so exciting about all the new traffic, Tonya! that millionaire pie looks delicious.

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