Confident Mom Household Planner Review & Discount Code

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Hey Friends!

Was getting organized part of your New Year’s Resolution this year?! It was definitely one of my mine! I want & NEED to get more organized not only at home, but in all areas & aspects of my life.

One thing I’ve learned about having children….Life gets CRAZY & BUSY really quick!

In order for things to run smoothly, I HAVE to stay on top of things.

If I get behind, then I get stressed! And if I get stressed then I get GROUCHY!

And who wants to live with a stressed out/grouchy wife & mother?!

So, how does one stay on top of things?! Well, I’m so glad you asked!! 🙂

Susan Heid, is a Certified Parent & Family Manager Coach and the author/creator of the 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner. 

I don’t know about you all, but I love a good “To-Do List!” There is just something about writing all the things out that I need to get done for the day, and some sense of satisfaction that comes with crossing each one off. Yes?!

If you love a good “To-Do List”, then you are going to LOVE this planner!! This planner is the  ULTIMATE to-do list!  But, the great thing about it?! You don’t have to come up with the list….Susan has already done all of that for you!

I was lucky enough to get a FREE copy of the Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner from Susan a couple months back to review for myself!

Words can not express how impressed I am with this planner. Susan has thought of absolutely everything. From the obvious chores like dusting/vacuuming to the things we tend to forget about like cleaning the microwave & disinfecting remote controls! Seriously, if you follow this planner, there will not be a stone left unturned! It is perfect! It is BRILLIANT!!!

I can easily open up my planner each morning & immediately see what I need to get done.

The planner breaks down household tasks week by week and day by day. It includes household chores, meal planning, & even allows for you to make time for yourself!! When was the last time you were able to do that?!

In addition to the daily checklists, the planner also includes a week-to-week calendar so that you can customize it & add in your weekly appointments and your family’s schedule for the week. I’ve been using it to write out my work schedule, plan blog posts, & remind myself when bills are due.

Wanna organize your spiritual/prayer life?!
Susan has you covered in that department as well!! She also has the option of adding a scripture reading plan to your planner. If you want to read through the entire Bible this year, your daily scripture reading assignment is included with your daily chores…how awesome is that?!

Okay, have I sold you on this planner yet?! 
If not, ask yourself the following questions…..

Are you tired of always being behind in your housework?

Can’t seem to stay organized and keep up with everyday tasks?

Do you find it hard to enjoy time with your kids because you’re stressed and crunched for time?

When was the last time you spent time on yourself?

If you answered “YES” to one or all four of those questions, then you NEED this planner!!!

This year’s planner also comes with a supplement pack that includes several valuable organizational tools to keep you ahead of the game – you’ll be able to find important information quickly, keep track of everyone’s schedules, plan meals, be prepared for special occasions & MORE!!

So how much does this planner cost?!
JUST $14.00!! And because she is SO AWESOME, Susan is offering a discount to my ALL of my lovely readers!!

Just enter code: FLOF2 to receive $2.00 off your copy!!
(Offer valid until January 20th at Midnight)
Click HERE to buy your copy of the 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner TODAY!!
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  1. I know how you feel…my daughter is grown, but even still, I have to write everything down and plan it out even for meals…just for me and hubby. I have so many projects going on/planned that I would get so frazzled without my daytimer.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    • My husband went to SIU and my parents had a business/location in Carbondale when I was younger. It’s so fun to find people that live somewhat close. LOL! I can’t wait to get my planner. 😉

  3. I just ordered mine 🙂 cant wait!!!

  4. This looks so stinkin’ awesome. Too bad I bought a different planner for the year two days ago. Grrrr! I’m bookmarking this for next year, though. Love it!

  5. Her planners are awesome! I bought last year’s and now off to buy the 2013 one. Thanks, Tanya, for this review – it gave me the reminder nudge I needed.

  6. You convinced me…love the scripture inclusion. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Purchasing this evening.

  7. How many pages is to print? I am only asking because I am almost out of ink and I want to get this tonight!

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