Sweet Shot Tuesday…..A Few Last Easter Pics

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So the weather was beautiful on Easter Sunday & we were all wearing our Sunday best….. I thought I’d better take advantage of the opportunity & snap some pictures of my cuties!! 
And I promise, these are the LAST of the Easter photos!
Looking a little cranky in this photo because the Easter Bunny had just come by for a visit & he wanted nothing to do with him! He was just glad to see him leave!
Still not smiling, but not looking a tid bit happier…
Love this profile shot & the way the light is hitting the left side of his face….
So sweet!

I managed to get one good shot of Parker in between egg hunting & playing baseball with the big boys…photo ops are not his top priority these days!  Imagine that?!
Hard to believe this boy is gonna be 5 years old in less than two months!

And one shot of me with my both my babies…..
I know Griffin is not looking at the camera, but this pic is still pretty perfect in my eyes!
Love my boys!!
And just in case you are wondering where Daddy is at….
He had changed out of his Sunday best & into his comfy clothes….he was the photographer for that last shot! Not too shabby, eh?! 
Yeah, that’s right….I’m teaching him a thing or two! : )

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  1. I love your pictures- they are so bright and beautiful. And don’t worry- you can never get too many easter pictures! That picture of you and your boys is darling- frame it please!

  2. Your boys are beautiful. My favorite picture is the profile.

  3. great photos. and i don’t blame your son. the easter bunny kinda freaks me out too. i learned to accept photos with wandering eyes long ago–love that one of you with your darling boys.

  4. These are so sweet! I just love Easter photos!

  5. What adorable children you have! hugs Sally x

  6. How sweet are they! I have two boys too and sometimes they are wild as ever and sometimes they can be as sweet as angels. Love them all the same!

  7. Beautiful pictures!

  8. Oh my…these pictures are incredible. Your boys are just adorable!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. You all have the most beautiful eyes! Love the cranky shot – I always like the ones that show a little emotion – helps you remember more about the picture later on.

  10. Super cute pictures!! I would like to see those coral jeans you were rocking a little more clearly though! :)

  11. these are really adorable! great shots!

  12. Beautiful family!!! Your boys are just way too precious.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Love the pics! I miss the boys sooo much. They are growing up so fast I cant believe it. Will see you guys soon. Love you Parker and Griffin.

    Aunt Nancy

  14. Ahhh! Love these pictures! Good looking boys you’ve got there!!!!

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